Macron and Le Pen rush their last day of campaign

The French president, Emmanuel Macron, and the candidate for the National Rally, Marine Le Pen, have ended their respective campaigns with the last electoral acts before his appointment with the polls this Sunday. Macron in a town in the south and Le Pen in a town in the north, both have taken advantage of the day before the day of reflection to take their final mass bath and try to convince the undecided.

According to the latest polls, Macron has slightly increased its lead regarding Le Pen. The president would obtain around 57% of the votes compared to 43%, however, the margin remains narrow and if the two candidates agree on something, it is that nothing is decided. Macron expressed it with “nothing is won yet”, and a “proud” Le Pen of her campaign has recalled that “the polls are not the elections”.

Macron criticizes a project based on “hate and division”

The current president, who in recent weeks has mainly visited areas where the leftist Mélenchon won, has chosen for its finishing touch Figeaca small town of 10,000 inhabitants in the south of the country, where he got 28% of the votes in the first round.

During his visit he took the opportunity to mention some of his measures in favor of the rural world and has accused his rival of carrying out a project based on “hatred and division”.

Also, during his speech shouts of rejection of a group of protesters who has unfurled a banner on one of the balconies in the square. It read: “When everything is private, we will be deprived of everything.” The president has reacted by saying: “Be glad you live in a democracy where you can challenge a president and a candidate, I hope he can continue, because with another candidate that will be different“.

As he has repeated on previous occasions, Macron has compared Sunday’s vote to a “referendum” on Europe and on a country “secular, united, indivisiblewith a strong economy and open to the world”. Even so, he has admitted that the fact that his rival is going to obtain a better result than five years ago supposes a certain “failure” for him.

In addition, in a television interview, he has stated that the choice facing French voters is similar to Brexit or the one faced by Americans. when they voted for Trump. “A few hours before Brexit, millions of people took it for granted and did not consider it necessary to vote. The same thing happened with the election of Donald Trump. The next day they woke up with disgust,” he said.

Le Pen criticizes Macron’s arrogance and his pension reform

Marine Le Pen has closed a campaign marked by moderation in the small town of Étaples, a deindustrialized area in the north of the countrywhere in the first round he won a large majority.

During his visit he took the opportunity to criticize the pension reform proposed by his rival, which he called “life imprisonment”. She suggests keeping the retirement age at 62 and even lowering it to 60 in specific circumstances.

The far-right candidate, who is running for the third time in presidential elections, has called on the population to “rise up” against “unbounded arrogance” by Emmanuel Macron. In addition, he has said that he “goes out as he goes”, he has made “the campaign that he wanted”.

According to data from Ipsos and Soprasteria, the motivation of the majority of voters (38%) to vote in the second round is prevent the arrival at the Elysee of one of the candidates. Only 29% will do so because they have confidence in their chosen one and 33% will vote for the candidate closest to their ideas.

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