Lukashenko accuses the US and the UK of seeking the destruction of the EU with the help of Poland


The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, on Monday accused the authorities of the United States and the United Kingdom of trying to destroy the European Union with the help of Poland.

“Look where Morawiecki (Prime Minister of Poland) went, he went to the United Kingdom. I am sure that they, driven by the United States, plan to destroy the European Union in one or two years,” he said after a meeting on security.

Also, the president has indicated that the United States has no interest in “having partners to treat on equal terms,” ​​as reported by the BelTA news agency.

Lukashenko has also warned that the international community uses migrants to contain Belarusian troops in the event of a conflict with Russia.

“They are probably worried that we have a smaller number of migrants, because they used these people (we are already seeing it) to solve their internal problems and keep us on our toes,” he said before clarifying that “if Ukraine tries to trigger a conflict with Russia, Belarus will not be left aside, so it is necessary to contain the Belarusian Army, maintaining tension on the western borders, “he asserted.

In his opinion, Belarus is just another link in a chain that leads to the worsening of the military situation in the region. “It is impossible to assess the situation around Belarus independently of what is happening in the Black Sea, of the problems related to Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic countries. We are a link in that common chain,” he warned.

On November 12, Belarus Defense Minister Victor Jrenin said he had the impression that Poland wants to unleash an armed conflict in which it seeks to implicate the European Union.

“We know what war is. Many of us suffered firsthand the challenges of the postwar years. (…) Now we have a more or less acceptable standard of living, we don’t want any war. If someone wants to talk to us as people peaceful, please, we do it today. We are ready to talk, “insisted Lukashenko. However, he lamented that “if someone comes to see us armed with a sword or a shotgun, we have something to answer him with.”

The Belarusian Defense Ministry denounced in early November that Poland’s decision to concentrate 15,000 soldiers, tanks, air defense systems and other heavy weapons near the Belarusian border cannot be considered an adequate response to the migration crisis.

The entity considers that this may lead to the creation of assault groups and has indicated that the actions of the Polish Army contradict all international and bilateral agreements between the parties. The situation at the border has worsened in the last month due to the arrival of thousands of migrants, mainly from Iraq and other countries in the Middle East.

The Polish authorities have stepped up security in the area and deployed the army while accusing Minsk of provoking a migration crisis for political purposes.

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