Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow opens up on parenting struggles and feeling like a ‘failure’

Camilla Thurlow has opened up about feeling “broken” and “like a failure” as she discusses the highs and lows of motherhood.

The Love Island star is currently expecting her second child with her husband Jamie Jewitt.

The fans-favorite couple are already parents to one-year-old daughter Nell, who was born in October 2020.

Camilla, 32, originally from Dumfries, tied the knot with hubby Jamie last September in an intimate ceremony after the pair coupled up almost five years ago on the ITV dating show.

The mum has been open and honest about finding her second pregnancy much harder than the first, and likes to keep it real on social media as she discusses the good and bad moments.

The Love Island star revealed her second pregnancy is much harder

The reality star penned on Instagram: “Lots of cuddles, Easter painting, washing up and giving the little ducks a swim this morning… all lovely but there were some other less photogenic bits and I actually felt a bit broken by lunchtime.

“Nell has had a really up and down few weeks with minor illnesses and colds (with me then catching them all straight after her), we thought she was finally on the mend apart from some nasty back teeth coming through but then last night she was sick poor thing, and it seems like the pattern is continuing as this morning so was I.

“Reminded me so much of the first trimester when I used to hate, hate being sick as I didn’t want her to hear and was always trying to figure out how to entertain her so she didn’t realize what was going on.

Camilla continued: “By the time I was prepping lunch with a crying, teething toddler and two barking dogs (who didn’t like a van they’d seen arrive next door) I felt like a complete failure and wondered how I will ever manage with two and be able to keep everyone happy at once?!

“I just didn’t want to share them without a bit of info about the rest of the morning because the reality for anyone is that the highs and lows are all jumbled together and we are all just doing our best, big love to anyone who has a bit of an up and down morning too xx”

Fans took to the comments to praise Camilla for keeping it real on social media.

One commented: “Thanks for keeping it real. Sending love from another mum of a two year old xx”

“Having a 21 month gap with my two, pregnancy the second time with a very active 15 month old and severe morning sickness was hard but its worth every second!,” commented another.

A third wrote: “Please be gentle on yourself Camilla. You are the best role model for your little girl and your baby to come, also us. Lots of hugs and love to you all”

Another fan said: “Thank you so much for being so real about motherhood and life. It is a huge jumble of ups and downs and I think it’s important we accept that as normal rather constantly striving for perfection which is impossible and leaves us sad, tired and feeling lacking. You are doing great x”

“You are a wonderful loving mother! Nell is so fortunate to have you for a mommy! Hang in there as the years 0 to 5 can sometimes feel like simply surviving. It will get better! Love you to bits!,” someone else wrote .

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