Lorraine Kelly wishes Janey Godley ‘good luck’ as she starts chemotherapy

Lorraine Kelly wished Janey Godley ‘good luck’ on social media as the comic started her first round of chemotherapy today for her ovarian cancer.

The Scottish comedian was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last November and is beginning a course of chemotherapy to help eradicate any cancer left behind from her hysterectomy.

The 61-year-old comic underwent a hysterectomy in early January.

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Janey shared an update on her social media this morning: “Up early for my first chemotherapy today, hopefully it will eradicate any wee cancer b******s left behind from the hysterectomy. See you soon @Beatson_Charity

The ITV breakfast host wished the Scottish comic well to her 680,000 Twitter followers.

Janey responded to the TV hosts well wishes: “Thanks lovely wummin, let’s chat soon”

Scots Fresh Meat actor Greg McHugh replied to Janey’s Twitter update, writing: “All the best with it Janey!! X”

The comedian replied with a smiling photo, thanking Greg for his well wishes: “Thanks – the Scottish NHS are doing their best with me. A very nervous but quietly sweary patient under my breath”

Janey Godley
Janey Godley

The Bill actress Kaye Darling also replied: “Good luck and much love. X”

The Crown’s Mark Dexter wrote: “Rooting for you! Cancer b****** beware. Hope they realize who they’re dealing with…!”

As well as famous faces wishing her well, her fans were quick to respond with support towards the star.

One fan wrote: “Sending loads of luck for chemo today from me and Whisky! Another hurdle will soon be over. Hope you can relax a bit with a magazine and snacks while it’s doing the job x”

Another said: “Just to let you know I’ve just spent ages on your #janeygodleyvoiceover Insta page & can seriously say I’ve not laughed like that in a long long time. You are a star for sure. Thank you so much for making my week! You’ll have lots of people behind you today lady so stay strong!”

A third penned: “Absolutely the right attitude to have, fight the [email protected][email protected]! There is an end to the journey just focus on that, keep your sense of humor, it helps. Best of luck. Been there, done that, got the cat flap! 3 years 5 months cancer free. Head up, you got this xx”

Janey also previously revealed that she will cut off her hair as she undergoes chemotherapy.

Just last week, Janey spoke openly about how cancer is affecting her and her family.

On a video clip speaking to her daughter Ashley, Janey got teary and said: “It’s honestly really hard to find a place where I feel ok because everything just feels really bleak. I know that I’ve got to be positive and pull on my big girl pants and ‘you got this’ but there’s naewhere in my heid that feels ok.

She added: “I know I’m going to go through chemotherapy… but I canny see beyond that, what if beyond that they scan me and fine more? And I know I’m not supposed to think like that but who the f**k are you to tell me how I’m supposed to think?

“What if after all this they might find more and keep snapping bits off me like I’m af*****g gingerbread man until finally there’s one wee bit of me left that doesn’t have cancer.”

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