Lorraine Kelly praises Janey Godley for hair crop following chemotherapy

Lorraine Kelly sent a message of support to comedian Janey Godley as she debuted her brand new pixie cut amid her chemotherapy treatment.

The Scots comic revealed she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last November after she had to cancel the last remaining dates of her UK tour.

ITV breakfast presenter Lorraine already sent the comedian her well wishes ahead of her starting chemotherapy treatment last week.

Now the 62-year-old has reached out to Janey again, this time to tell her she’s suiting short hair.

Janey, 61, had just shared pictures of her new crop on Twitter.

The mum-of-one recently underwent a hysterectomy to combat her ovarian cancer and was told she would still need chemo after undergoing the major op.

She then told followers she would be taking matters into her own hands and cutting her hair herself before it falls out.

Janey visited Kroma on Great Western Road for her pixie cut

In one selfie, the comedian smiled for the camera after her visit to Kroma Hairdressers on Great Western Road, and wrote: “Thanks @kromaglasgow for my pixie cut and thanks Jordi.”

Lorraine was just one of many people who rushed to support Janey, writing: “You really suit short hair !!”

A regular guest on Lorraine’s ITV show, Dr Amir Khan replied to Janey: “Suits you Janey xx”

Janey showed off her new haircut.

Loose Women’s Denise Welch wrote: “I love it!!!”

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Actress Emma Kennedy said: “You look great!”

Famous faces weren’t the only ones to wish Janey well, her followers also rushed to send the funny woman well wishes.

One commented: “Looks lovely. Had mine cut when started to fall out. But didn’t have it shaved when lots fell out. Let it go its self. Now growing back not patchy.”

“It’s not the way to discover it but short hair (once you realize how easy it is to maintain) might be a goer for the future. It really suits you Janey. You’re doing brilliantly,” wrote another fan.

Another said: “Janey xx sending you lots of love – I think it looks lovely xx keep strong gorgeous girl xx you’ve got this xx”

Someone else replied: “I’m sure it wasn’t an easy thing to do, but I love having short hair I hope you will too. It really suits you, buy some really nice earrings to top the gorgeousness”

A fifth penned: “It looks great, Janey. It re

ally suits you. Good luck with the treatment X”

Last week when daughter Ashley gave her a bob-style cut, Janey opened up about how she was feeling.

Speaking to the camera, she said: “So, we’re going to go for the bob cut! Ashley is going to be doing it for me.”

Ashley asks: “Are you ok?”

Janey replies: “I’m great, I’m really looking forward to this Ashley.”

Ashley then made a joke to brighten the mood. She said: “So what’s cancer like? Where you going your holiday?”

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Janey laughed: “Cancer is weird, since having the first session chemotherapy, I’ve had these wee zapping feelings all over in my tummy.”

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