López Obrador uses the anniversary of the Revolution to defend the Armed Forces

“Viva México”, shouts over and over again until the hoarseness of a woman accompanied by her son on Reforma Avenue when she sees the uniformed and the revolutionaries in guarache and poncho pass by on the asphalt. “You learn not to let yourself be stepped on by people with power and that the united people is capable of anything,” says 48-year-old Natividad Hernández, who enjoys the event like a child. Thus, suddenly, he also released: “the revolution made us free”, paraphrasing the phrase of his church.

3,500 meters away, in the Zócalo of the capital, President López Obrador said similar things: “The Fourth Transformation that we are doing is from below, not only is justice being done, but the democratic ideal with which the Maderista revolution began from 1910 ″.

Both Hernández and López Obrador, Natividad and Andrés Manuel, celebrated 111 years of the Mexican Revolution this Saturday. The celebration that began to be celebrated in 1936 as a tribute by Lázaro Cárdenas to the deed that he joined at the age of 19 in Agua Prieta and when he arrived at General, this Saturday 2021 became a great parade that crossed the main artery from the country. The montage was an immense display of mexicanity dressed in music, revolutionary costumes, adelitas, horses and even a replica of the Ypiranga ship. September 16 reloaded with the participation of almost 4,000 soldiers, 2,500 actors, more than 300 children, 2,000 horses, 71 vehicles and 15 aircraft.

Participants in historical costumes get ready to take part in the parade to mark the celebration of the 111th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution at the Zocalo Square in Mexico City, Mexico November 20, 2021. REUTERS/Gustavo Graf

In the previous speech, López Obrador defended the revolutionary conquests “such as the right to land, the eight-hour day, the minimum wage or the oil rescue.” It was his main reference to the past, the rest were focused on the present and the virtues of his government. “The Constitution is respected, there is legality and democracy, freedoms and the right to disagree are guaranteed, there is full transparency and the right to information, no one is censored, human rights are not violated, the Government does not repress the people and electoral fraud is not carried out. The public power no longer represents, as before, a minority, “he said from the rostrum. López Obrador, took advantage of the military context of the event to respond to those who criticize the new role acquired by the Army in his government. The Armed Forces have become the main economic actor of the six-year term, benefiting from the budget and in charge of the main public works in the country. “The members of the Armed Forces are loyal to the Constitution and the institutions, they have not belonged and will not belong, I am sure, to the oligarchy. They will never betray their people, ”he said on the capital’s plate.

In the same direction, the Secretary of Defense, General Luis Cresencio Sandoval, defended that “The Armed Forces do not have political aspirations” and gave a glimpse of his good understanding of the political moment in the country. “We are present where we can contribute in the actions carried out to avoid corruption and the waste of resources, we are present where we are required to support progress and well-being.”

Listening to the words of the military man were the secretaries of Foreign Relations, Education, Security, Government and Culture. And along with them, representatives of the rest of the powers of the State such as Arturo Zaldívar, president of the Supreme Court of Justice, the president of the Senate, Olga Sánchez Cordero and the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

At the end of the speeches the great performance revolutionary moved to the rest of the city. At the height of the Stock Exchange building, Natividad Hernández enjoyed like an advanced parade the parade of so many men with mustaches and women with long absences walking and shouting “Long live the Revolution.” Strangely, the colorful wagons exchanged figures of Villa and Zapata with the defense of the jaguar in Campeche, but when the horses appeared, he was moved again remembering his ranch in the State of Mexico: “Before the poor had horses and the rich had cars. Now the poor have a car and the rich have horses ”. Except for the cap and the cell phone without data on the belt, she looked like an actress infiltrated to spread revolutionary emotion to the public.

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