Local elections: 6 key results you may have missed overnight as Tories suffer losses


Boris Johnson faced a backlash from local Tories over setbacks in England as results came in for a critical set of local elections

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Boris Johnson reacts to ‘mixed’ local election results

Boris Johnson is facing grassroots anger after the Tories suffered local election upsets in London and losses across England.

Results have been coming overnight after millions of voters went to the polls on Thursday in a critical set of local elections.

Dozens of Tory councilors have lost their seats, leading to outspoken criticism from local leaders, who pointed the finger of blame at Boris Johnson for some disappointing results.

Labor has made modest gains but Keir Starmer will be bolstered by some major victories in London, Southampton and Cumberland in the North West.

The Liberal Democrats and the Greens have both had good nights so far, with the Lib Dems taking Hull from Labour.

It’s still early, with plenty of councils in England still to declare. Results have not started to come through yet from Scotland or Wales.

Boris Johnson has been coming under fire from his own party



Here’s what you may have missed overnight.

Labor take Tory crown jewels in London

Labor has seized a trio of true blue councils after the Tories suffered heavy losses in London.

Keir Starmer’s party declared victory in Wandsworth – once dubbed Margaret Thatcher’s favorite council – which has been Conservative since 1978.

Labor also won Westminster from the Tories for the first time since its creation in 1964.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan and Labor party MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan react to the counting during local elections at Wandsworth



Counting is taking place in local elections across the country



The Conservative leader of Barnet council Daniel Thomas conceded victory in the early hours of Friday, before the result was officially confirmed.

Mr Thomas said: “I think this is a warning shot from Conservative supporters and I think our loss today is not only due to the fact that I have just mentioned but also a fair number of Conservative voters who just didn’t go out to vote , stayed at home.”

The result in Barnet is a success for Keir Starmer. Labor suffered in the area – which has a large Jewish population – following the rows over anti-Semitism allegations during Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

Lib Dems seize Hull from Labor

The Liberal Democrats took Hull city council after a decade of Labor rule.

This election has been a two-way scrap between the parties as Labor was defending a majority of just one on the council.

Hull was one of the few councils the Lib Dems thought they had a decent shot at flipping in these elections.

Conservatives lose Southampton

Labor gained control of Southampton from the Conservatives, who had been in charge for only a year.

Labor boosted its share of seats 26, with Conservatives on 21, and Liberal Democrats on one.

Boris Johnson casts his vote at a polling station in London



Tory MP Royston Smith said when people are upset they “take it out on the first election they come to”.

“We’ve only been back in Southampton a year, after taking 7 seats off of Labor last year, and people can understand why.

“Now, it has swung back the other way. This is not unusual, just very disappointing.”

Labor wins over the ‘Working man’

Labor has won control of the newly created council in Cumberland, in a big boost to Keir Starmer.

The party now has a convincing majority, with 30 councilors compared to 7 Tories, 4 Lib Dems, 3 independent and 2 greens.

The result is significant as the Conservatives have three MPs in the area – Carlisle, Copeland and Workington.

Pollsters coined the term “Working man” to describe the voters who helped the Tories to break down Labour’s Red Wall at the 2019 election.

A Labor source says: “Working man has voted Labour.”

Labor hold Sunderland

Labor held onto Sunderland amid fears it risked losing control of a council it has run since 1973.

The Tories and the Lib Dems had been hoping to make gains here and tip the local authority into no overall control.

But while the Lib Dems took one seat off Labor and one off the Tories tonight, Labor remains comfortably in control.

Both Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak hit the campaign trail in Sunderland – but it didn’t tip the balance in the Conservatives favour.

However Labour’s vote share was down by 3%. At this stage in the electoral cycle – and against the backdrop of Partygate and the cost of living crisis – Labor bosses would have hoped to fare better.

Hartlepool under no overall control

Battleground council Hartlepool remained under no overall control in a disappointment to Labor and the Tories.

The Tories gained two seats from independent councillors, while Labor held its ground.

The parliamentary constituency turned Tory last year in a shock by-election, which meant a victory here would have been highly symbolic for both parties.

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