Llarena confirms the prosecution for rebellion against the ‘procés’ leadership




Llarena has rejected the resources of Carles Puigdemont and 22 others investigated. Defendants can appeal to the Court of Appeals of the Supreme Court.

The magistrate of the Supreme Court, Pablo Llarena, has rejected the appeals for reform of the former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont and 22 others investigated, so that confirms its processing in the case, while opening the door for them to be accused of alternative crimes to rebellion.

In a car, the magistrate dismisses the 23 appeals presented – only the ex-councilors Antoni Comín and Meritxel Serret They refused to appeal against the indictment that he himself issued on March 23 for crimes of rebellion, embezzlement and disobedience, so that now the defenses have five days to appeal before the Appeals Chamber of the high court.

Llarena reaffirms in the car that the requirement of violence in the crime of rebellion and that the Treasury data not only does not contradict rather, they coincide, when appreciating some signs of fraud, with his investigation into the crime of embezzlement.

According to the magistrate, the violence itself “does not appear as an unforeseen result in the mobilization promoted by those investigated”, but was “consciously assumed and sought for the execution of these acts, so that the eventual fraud indicated by the resources, it is only shown as the inference subordinate to the concurrence of a direct intent “.

Llarena reminds the defendants who have appealed the indictment that in any case if the violence necessary for the crime of rebellion is not finally proven, this does not mean that the case was archived but that other types of crime could be applied such as sedition or conspiracy to rebellion.

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A total of 25 processed

The TS magistrate has indicted for rebellion against 13 politicians Catalans, including Carles Puigdemont, Oriol Junqueras, Jordi Turull and Marta Rovira. In addition to them, the others prosecuted for rebellion are exconsellers Joaquim Forn, Raül Romeva, Clara Ponsatí, Josep Rull, Antonio Comìn and Dolors Bassa.

Former Parlament Speaker Carme Forcadell, former ANC President Jordi Sanchez and former Omnium Cultural President Jordi Cuixart are also on trial for rebellion.

These 13 defendants face penalties ranging from 17 and 33 years in prison.

In addition to rebellion, Llarena is prosecuting embezzlement President Puigdemont, the former vice-president Junqueras and the seven former councilors.

Llarena’s indictments also include other crimes that affect various defendants and, thus, the judge processes five former members of the Government for embezzlement and disobedience: Meritxell Borràs, Lluis Puig, Carles Mundó, Santi Vila and Meritxell Serret.

Likewise, the judge processes for disobedience to five former members of the Bureau of Parliament: Lluis María Corominas, Lluis Guinó, Anna Simó, Ramona Barruffet and Joan Josep Nuet, as well as Mireia Boya (former president of the CUP Group) and Anna Gabriel, spokeswoman for the CUP. This crime does not carry prison sentences, but it does carry disqualification.

The magistrate sets a bond of civil liability of 2.1 million euros That must be provided jointly and severally by the 14 former members of the Government processed.

Llarena has left the president out of the indictment Artur Mas; to the PDeCAT coordinator, Marta Pascal, and the former president of the Association of Municipalities for Independence (AMI) Snow Showers. They are the only three of the 28 investigated who have not been processed.

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