Lily Collins congratulates her father, Phil Collins, on his birthday, despite their disagreements: “It doesn’t matter how old you are. I will always need you” | People

The relationship between musician Phil Collins and his daughter, Lily Collins, has had its ups and downs. The actress, who stars in the hit Netflix series Emily in Paris, already assured in an interview for EL PAÍS in 2017 that her father had never been there for her, and that if she has been successful as an artist it has been by her own means and without her support. “He never called a producer, a director, an agent, anyone. It was my mother who put the best of golden Hollywood in my head, “he said then. That feeling seems to have evolved, something that the 32-year-old has shown on Sunday, January 30, in one of her most recent Instagram posts, in which she has launched to congratulate her father on his 71st birthday.

“Happy Birthday Dad. I may no longer fit in your arms or sit comfortably on your shoulders, but you continue to hug me tightly when I need it most, ”the actress began writing under an image in which they both appear together, when Lily was just a girl. “We may not spend time together as often, but when we are face to face, you really see me. You may not always believe this, but trust me when I say that it doesn’t matter how old you are or what life may bring. I will always need you”, the actress continued.

“Whether it’s watching you on stage with pride or laughing with you at home playing Trivial, I will always be grateful for the moments and memories we shared. Especially the ones that I now treasure as an adult”, she pointed out, showing that despite the obstacles they have been exposed to together, they have managed to reform their relationship. “Thank you for inspiring me and supporting the woman I am today. I love you to the moon and back”, she concluded, emotional.

Congratulation has also been added to the text from Charlie McDowell, the artist’s husband for less than a year, who has sent his best wishes through the comments of this post. “I love you both! Congratulations, Phil”, the 38-year-old director and screenwriter intervened.

The controversy between father and daughter was born as a result of Phil Collins’ relationship with Lily’s mother, Jill Tavelman, with whom the drummer was married until the little girl was five years old. That’s when it was leaked to the papers that the rock star had left Tavelman for another woman via a fax sent to her Sussex home: “I’m so sick and tired of your attitude, Jill. I won’t be back on Thursday. I don’t expect you to be okay with anything that’s happened, of course not. It is you who must be offended that she should choose to be with someone else. You’re the one with the fucking problem. I am in love with Orianne and I want to be with her. I love my daughter and will fly to see her when I have a day off during the week. This at least keeps us all as happy as possible, given the situation.” Later he argued that he sent the text to his wife because he did not pick up the phone. However, the damage was done. Not only did it mark a before and after in the relationship with his daughter, but it even caused the sales of his records to suffer.

Despite the fact that the absence of Phil Collins made a dent in the childhood of the actress, she already assured in 2017 in her book Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me who feels no rancor: “I forgive you for not being there when I needed you and for not being the father I expected. I forgive you for the mistakes you’ve made and, although it seems like it’s too late, it’s not yet,” she wrote hopefully. Now the relationship has undergone a favorable change for both that the actress has not hesitated to thank publicly.

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