León de Aranoa, surprised by the 20 nominations

Three films started as favorites among the candidates for the Goya 2022 –The good boss, Maixabel and Parallel Mothers– and it is the first two that have captured the most nominations. The final count indicates that the “balance” of possibilities has leaned, by weight, in favor of the film by Fernando León de Aranoa, which has held a very significant recognition since Monday: that of having broken a historical record for being the most nominated film at the Spanish film awards.


There have been 20, in total, the nominations that have fallen to this applauded satire on the business world that has Javier Bardem as the protagonist and that breaks with the bad prognosis that comedies usually have in film awards.

I expected it to have nominations but not 20. It is a lot of joy, but let’s be cautious, although now it seems difficult because, as you know, I am from Atlético, like my dear Almudena (Grandes), and I know what it is to reach a couple of Champions League finals and get home the same ”, León de Aranoa said this Monday , from the Film Academy, after reading the list of nominations, and accompanied by eight other members of his team.

‘The good boss’ sweeps and his team still does not believe it

Among those who have accompanied the filmmaker, a Manolo Solo “surpassed” and a Javier Bardem “overwhelmed”.

“You never get used to this. The gift and the prize is to make a good movie. It is so difficult for everything to go well, for it to stand up, as it has come out here … “, said Bardem, who has been” especially excited “by the fact that all his acting partners in the film are nominated.

He, nominated for best leading actor, has not even hesitated bring Julio Blanco back to life for a few seconds, the character he plays in that film brilliantly. “What would he think about the nominations”, they have asked themselves from within the team itself, to which Bardem has immediately responded: “I would think that 20 nominations are very good, but for the thing to be balanced you have to adjust the balance. It takes 20 winners. Nothing is ever enough for him, “he joked.

The director of this story full of humor, irony and cynicism has concluded by acknowledging the collective work and celebrating “the miracle” that a movie supposes, in addition to obtaining the endorsement of critics, works well in movie theaters and the public go see it.

An act with some comic moments

The nominations have been announced this Monday at the headquarters of the Academy by the actors José Coronado and Nathalie Poza in a meeting in which there has been tension, but also some comic moments. Shortly after starting, Coronado was about to read the nominees for best revelation actor and among the seats occupied by those attending the event and journalists, someone has said “José Coronado”. He has laughed and Poza has affirmed: “yes, always”.

There has also been a laugh after repeated confusion which has caused Coronado to have to repeat an ad multiple times. It was when communicating the films nominated for best picture, when Coronado has read the title of Liberty, by Clara Roquet, while the poster of Liberty, another homonymous film directed by Enrique Urbizu.

Fun has also been the moment in which this same interpreter has revealed the nominees for best leading actor.

“Javier Bardem, for ‘The good boss’. Really? ”, He wondered, laughing, after perceiving the high number of nominations garnered by that film.

Luis Tosar (“Maixabel”): “This film has a special flavor”

Between comedy and drama, the human and the “inhuman”, they have continued to ride most of the nominations for the Goya 2022. The second genre has developed Maixabel, based on the real reunion between the widow of Juan Maria Jáuregi, murdered by ETA, and his murderers, and brought to the screen by Icíar Bollaín.

“This movie has a special flavor for all of us who have made it because has a lot to do with the reality of our country, a very sad reality (…) Things have changed a lot, We can already make films on a subject that has been very very very limited, excessively limited by the narrative, precisely by the harshness of reality. All this gives the project something very special, a component that probably other films did not have ”, said actor Luis Tosar, nominated for best actor for that film that has obtained 14 nominations in total.

Milena Smit (“Parallel Mothers”): “Disappointment does not fit on such a special day”

By far, with 8 nominations, he follows Parallel mothers, the film directed by Pedro Almodóvar. In representation of the same has only attended the meeting with the press Actress Milena Smit, nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Other members of the team, including the filmmaker, have not been able to be present because the act has coincided, as they have explained to the Film Academy, with the incineration of the writer Almudena Grandes, who died last Saturday and was also remembered by the president of the institution at the beginning of the act.

After what The good boss was the one chosen by the academics to compete for the Oscar and that the La Mancha filmmaker’s proposal has only obtained 8 “ballots” in these Goya Awards, it was inevitable to ask Smit about the team’s reaction.

“I have not had time to talk to my colleagues, but what we feel is happiness for all the recognition we have received. I can only speak personally, but I feel that it is a day to celebrate (…) Disappointment does not fit on such a special day”, Assured the actress, who in this story shares a screen —and suffering— with Penelope Cruz.

Working with her and with the rest of the interpreters, and being part of Almodóvar’s work, she said, makes her feel “tremendously grateful, privileged and lucky”.

Another drama Life was that, is the one who has given great joy to the actress Petra Martinez, nominated for the 36th edition of the Goya Awards as the best leading actress for embodying María in a story about two Spanish immigrants of different generations who are in a hospital in Belgium.

“It has been very special because she is a character who has a journey that is very interesting for an actress. Above all, when you reach an age that they give you a leading role with so many nuances and so beautiful it is a joy ”, the actress told reporters. The director of that film, David Martín de los Santos, explained that it is a project “that was born very fragile” due to the lack of support, but that it has been “getting stronger”.

Clara Roquet, “in shock” after getting 6 nominations for her first work

Clara Roquet, which, at the very least, has already received 6 nominations for his first work (Liberty), including Best Film and Best New Director, has also been dropped by the Academy this Monday and has claimed to be “in shock.”

I’m completely in shock. I didn’t expect it at all and I’m super happy (…) I hope this makes more people see it ”, said the director.

The producer of his film and also of Mediterranean, Tono Folguera, has been “happy” that they have recognized two very “special” films and assures that, in cinematographic terms, this has been “one last year”.

“Despite the regrets, we continue there and I see five very different films, but all of compromised cinema, very risky. All five meet these characteristics and it is important that Spain continue to support this cinema that assumes a certain risk. Not everything is the market ”, he stressed.

Emma Suárez vindicates the “small films” that “it costs so much to build”

The actress Emma Suárez, nominated for best actress for her role in “Josefina”, has spoken along the same lines of protest.

“I love that small films like ‘Josefina’ are recognized, that auteur cinema that is so difficult to raise from the industry”, Said in the presence of the director of the film, Javier Marco, who corroborates the“ titanic effort ”required to carry out the film and who also believes that This year’s entire harvest is “of a huge level”.


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