Leaked footage shows moment F-35 jet topples off end of HMS Queen Elizabeth and into sea


Leaked footage shows the moment that an f-35 jet trundles off the side of HMS Queen Elizabeth and into the ocean, triggering a desperate underwater race to secure the wreckage

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British F35 stealth jet crashes into Mediterranean after takeoff

Footage shows the moment an F-35 jet topples off the end of HMS Queen Elizabeth.

A smartphone was used to film a CCTV monitor for the 16-second clip which was posted to Twitter in a shocking security breach which has sparked fury among Navy chiefs.

The video shows the F-35B Lightning II, taxiing along the runway of the £3billlion aircraft carrier as usual.

However, the jet appears to struggle to accelerate on approach to the take off ramp.

Crew can only watch as the jet trundles up to the edge of the ship, and straight off, into the ocean.

The pilot was able to eject and his parachute can be seen floating down towards the water.

Moments before the F-35 jet drove straight off the end of HMS Queen Elizabeth



They only suffered minor injuries and were quickly recovered from the sea as the jet sank and is believed to be up to a mile underwater now.

The unknown sailor recorded a copy of the CCTV footage from HMS Queen Elizabeth’s control tower in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Navy confirmed the footage was genuine.

The incident itself triggered a desperate underwater race to locate the wreckage of the F-35B stealth jet and secure the crash site before Russian divers could get there.

The footage was filmed on a mobile phone of CCTV from the aircraft carrier



Whilst the cause of the crash is still under investigation, it is believed that the red plastic rain cover for the jet was left on and sucked into an engine.

After the incident a fortnight ago, the jet still remains at the bottom of the sea.

Speaking to Mail Online, a source said: “What is someone doing recording that on their phone and putting it out there for everyone to speculate about? There’s a trust issue here.

“The crash is a sensitive matter – whoever is behind this has forgotten that… If that person is found they’ll be in deep trouble and will lose any security clearance they have.”

There is a hunt underway to try and find the leaker, according to Mail Online



The jet was one of eight British F-35s aboard the carrier, and one of 24 owned by the UK.

F-35s are a US-designed cutting-edge warplane with stealth and intelligence-gathering capabilities, able to fly at supersonic speeds without being detected.

Defence commentator Seb Haggart posted the video on his Twitter page.

Sources told the Sun that the pilot realised that there was an issue and tried to abort take-off but could not stop the plane before the end of the runway.

It is now understood that the UK is working with the US on a recovery mission to salvage the wreckage.

With the US eager not to let their technology fall into Russian hands, the salvage operation is believed to involve divers, miniature submarines and inflatable bags.

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