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The city of Piltover closes its portals indefinitely, but the metropolis of progress and the world of Runeterra will return after 2022. Following the success of Arcane, Netflix original animated series based on the video game universe League Of Legends, Nicolo Laurent, CEO of Riot Games – parent company of both the game and the series – confirmed Sunday that there will be a second season. “The good news is that you won’t have to wait six years”, assured in his Twitter account. That production time was spent on an animation that skillfully blends 2D and 3D to give each element on the screen its best visual appearance. There is also good news for fans, because it seems that the story has only just begun and, thanks to the evolution of the plots and the number of characters available, everything indicates that there will be a series for a long time.

It was not easy to overcome The squid game, the most successful product in Netflix history. However, although it has not reached the numbers of the South Korean production, the animation story has inherited the most watched series position on the platform during the three weeks in which its chapters have been distributed – the series, with a single linear plot It has been divided into three acts, one per week of three episodes each, for a total of nine. Throughout the acts, Riot takes advantage of several of the characters in his games to tell a story in which family, ethical, love, political and class conflicts are presented. All with Jinx and Vi as protagonists, two orphan sisters who will have to manage to get ahead in the suburbs of Piltover, an area plagued by the simmer, an addictive substance that modifies genetics to make those who consume it more powerful.

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Jinx, one of the protagonists of 'Arcane'.
Jinx, one of the protagonists of ‘Arcane’.

But Jayce, Ekko and more characters from the video game also appear in the series. With just a few and a couple of cities, Riot has created a product that will last at least two seasons. If you take into account that League Of Legends It has 157 characters – plus those that are still being created – and with 10 major regions, the mine from which to extract stories has content for years and years, which would even allow the creation of a Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the end, it is a series inspired by one of the video games with the largest player base in the world, which guarantees an audience regardless of its quality, although for the moment it has satisfied critics.

Map of the supercontinent Valoran, of the Runeterra world, where the 'League Of Legends' universe is set.
Map of the supercontinent Valoran, of the Runeterra world, where the ‘League Of Legends’ universe is set.

However, to enjoy the series it is not necessary to have any prior knowledge of the Runeterra universe or the video game., what has contributed to its success. Riot Games has always stood out for taking care of its audiovisual section, both in character presentation videos and in kinematics (another type of audiovisual productions) that they launch on each anniversary of the game. But they had never dared with a project of this magnitude, in which to tell the story of its characters in such depth, so it is also a story to discover even for the most veteran players.

An ambitious campaign

The promotional campaign of Arcane It has been another of the strengths that has helped the success of the series. Netflix had the goal of attracting not only the faithful of the game, but anyone who had no idea of ​​its existence. As a result, they have tried to cover different markets to reach the widest possible audience. In addition to celebrating a special event in each of their video games, they have collaborated with their direct rival, Fortnite —although at the same time both are part of a video game giant, Tencent—, where they have included for the first time a character from League Of Legends. They have also collaborated with video games Among Us and PUBG Mobile.

On the day of its launch, Netflix allowed some streamers from Twitch enjoy the live premiere with their audience, an event that accumulated more than two million viewers. They have also partnered with Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand owned by the singer Rihanna, together with which they will put on the market a line of products; or with Burger King. In cities such as Madrid, Paris, London, Los Angeles or Singapore, thematic museums of the series have been built, apart from wallpapering subways, bus stops, the Times Square in New York or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the building tallest in the world. For their soundtrack they have also counted on artists such as Imagine Dragons, authors of the presentation music, Sting, Pusha T, Denzel Curry or Woodkid among others.

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