Le Pen calls to unseat Macron in the second round

Marine Le Pen has called all the French “right or left” to unseat Macron in the second round. In her first speech after the polls closed in the French presidential elections, the far-right candidate insisted that her priority is people “as opposed to the powers of money” and has said that she is going to be “the president of all the French”.

“The French have made a fundamental choice between two visions of the future: the division, injustice and disorder proposed by Macron or the regrouping of the French around the protection guaranteed by a fraternal framework around the idea of ​​a nation and a millennial people. Those who have not voted for Macron want and should be part of this group“, said the leader of the National Association.

According to the first vote estimates, Marine Le Pen will face the current President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, for the second time in the second round of the French elections on April 24. “What will happen on April 24 is not just a circumstantial vote, but a choice of society and even civilization. The legitimate preponderance of the French language and culture depends on your vote,” the candidate stressed.

In his speech, Le Pen made reference to the importance of the customs of the French regions, “republican values”, secularism and equality between men and women. “The role we want to give people against the powers of money depends on your vote,” he added.

Le Pen calls for “the alternation that France needs”

The far-right candidate has called the French “from the right, from the left, from any origin” to join his “great national and popular gathering” to build “the alternation that France needs”. In addition, he has said that the political decisions of the next five-year period will depend on the vote of the French on April 24, but that he will also “they will compromise France for the 50 years that are yet to come”.

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Le Pen has also referred to the need for compromise on issues such as migration, security, energy, military and social policy at a European level. “I will also talk about immigration and restore security for everyone,” she added.

It is the third time that Marine Le Pen has stood for presidential elections and this Sunday’s is her best first round result to datesomething that may be related to a certain moderation in his speech, especially on issues related to France’s relationship with the European Union.

After the polls closed, only the far-right candidate, Éric Zemmour, has asked for the vote for Le Pen to avoid Macron’s re-election despite having “many disagreements” with her. Other candidates, such as Valérie Pécresse, from Los Republicanos or the socialist Anne Hidalgo, have asked for support for Macron.


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