Le Pen and Macron face each other in a decisive debate

The President of France, Emmanuel Macronand the candidate of the National Association, Marine LePencelebrate this Wednesday night their only face to face in a televised debate that can be decisive for the presidential elections. The meeting, which will be broadcast at 9:00 p.m. on RTVE Play, RTVE.es and Canal 24 Horas, will be the only face-to-face event between the two candidates qualified for the second round of the French presidential elections, which will be played next Sunday April 24.

Five years later, both face each other again in the final stretch of the race for the Presidency of the Republic. Macron stands for re-election after a first term that not all citizens see with good eyes; Le Pen stars in his third attempt to reach the Elysee, this time with more chances than ever to win.

The tense debate that both carried out in 2017, on the eve of the second round of the last elections, was marked by multiple interruptions and crossings of accusations. that meeting consolidated the current head of state as the clear favorite facing a vote that ended up making him the youngest French president since Napoleon.

Macron also starts again as the favorite to renew a mandate marked by a deep economic crisis, but this time the distance between both candidates is shortened, according to the polls. Four days before the final vote, the polls give around 56% of the votes for Macron and 44% for Le Pen, a result that is far from the one achieved by the leader of La República en Marcha in the last elections, when it attracted 66% of the votes of a population that wanted to avoid at all costs the access of the extreme right to the Elysee.

The campaign has revolved around social and economic issues in the midst of a financial crisis aggravated by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. both candidates are committed to improving the purchasing power of the French and Le Pen, in fact, has made this issue her priority, leaving aside other issues such as immigration or security. The war has also raised other international issues such as the France’s NATO membership. While Macron defends that the war has given “strategic clarification” to the Atlantic Alliance, Le Pen is committed to removing the country from the integrated command.

On the other hand, Macron proposes delay retirement age of the population; Le Pen, on the other hand, advocates keeping it or even bringing it forward. In addition, in recent days, Macron has chosen to tilt his speech towards the environmental issue and has promised to transform France into a “great ecological nation” and has described the electoral project of his opponent as “climate skeptical”.

The challenge for the candidates: convincing the undecided

This Wednesday’s appointment, which usually garners high audience ratings, could tip the balance in favor of one candidate or another. The challenge, therefore, is to conquer the undecided and those voters who in the first round opted for one of the ten options that fell by the wayside.




9,785,578 votes

24% (2017)

Le Pen


8,136,369 votes

21.3% (2017)



7,714,949 votes

19.5% (2017)



2,485,935 votes

% (2017)



1,679,470 votes

20% (2017)




Candidates such as the socialist Anne Hidalgo, the Republican Valérie Pécresse, or the environmentalist Yannick Jadot have asked for the vote for Emmanuel Macron. Le Pen, for his part, has the support of far-right Éric Zemmourof the Reconquest party, which has encouraged its voters to opt for the candidate of the Republic on the Move.

The far-left candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, did not speak directly in favor of Macron, but made a clear statement: “Not a vote for Le Pen”. The polls, however, predict that part of their voters will be divided between the far-right candidate and the current president, while many others will opt for abstention. For this reason, conquering the electorate of La Francia Insumisa, which obtained the 22% of the votes cast in the first round, could be key to victory.


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