Labor proposes vacations and remuneration for interns


The Ministry of Labor has proposed vacations, a minimum remuneration for interns and limit their number according to the size of the companies. The Government’s plan has been presented this Thursday to the social dialogue table that negotiates the status of the intern.

The first draft to which RTVE has been able to have access includes compensation for expenses “for a sufficient minimum amount“that covers all those that the person in training incurs as a result of this, such as the costs of displacement or maintenance.

In the event that the internships are carried out in the Foreignthe cost of the transfer and the stay could not fall on the fellow.

It also establishes that students have right to a day and a schedule that respect “the limits and breaks”including holidays and vacations established in the legal regulations and in the collective agreements applicable to each company.

No night shifts or shifts

According to the project, training activities may not take place at night or in shifts.

Nor may they assume that the intern will continue in the internship once the working day and hours provided for in the training plan have been completed.

Students will also have the right to the same services as the rest of the company’s staff, to adequate protection of their health and to protection against harassment.

Companies with up to 10 employees may only have one intern

For its part, the limitation on the number of people who can carry out internships at the same time in the same company or organization would range from an intern in those with up to ten employees to a tope of 5% of the workforce in those over 60.

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In companies with between 11 and 30 workers there could be two interns and three in the case of companies with a workforce of between 31 and 59 people.

On the other hand, the draft proposes that the assigned tasks must be adjusted to the training content included in the training plan of each person, under the direction and supervision of a tutor appointed by the company and in coordination with the tutor of the academic institution. . However, no tutor may be assigned, simultaneously, more than five fellows.

Díaz proposes an unemployment benefit

The Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diazannounced this Friday at a press conference that the Government contemplates that the scholarship holders can contribute to generate rights to collect an unemployment benefit. “We would like for a person to be able to generate rights for unemployment protection purposes during the time that a person is in a company training period,” he added.

Likewise, Díaz explained that there is still no specific figure for the expense compensation proposed in the draft, as the project continues to be shaped. However, he has emphasized that “the important thing is that there must be compensation” because “in our country you cannot pay to be a fellow and this happens”.

The minister has also stressed the need for adequate training for interns, who are treated as workers when, in reality, “they are being interns to complete their professional training.” “We have to put an end to the shame of being paid to train”has insisted.

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