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This Thursday the data of the 3rd ola of the EGM (General Media Study), which revalidate the leadership of the SER string with 4,067,000 listeners and they endorse it as the most listened to option in news, sports and entertainment.

Day by day says goodbye to the year reaffirming its leadership as the most listened to program on Spanish radio with a total of 2,819,000 listeners newspapers.

Hour 14, directed by Jose Antonio Marcos, maintains, with 548,000 daily listeners, the leadership in the midday news in its time slot.

SER is also the preferred chain for the followers evening radio stations. Window, from Carles Francino, reaches 826,000 listeners.

Aimar Bretos debuts in his first wave of the EGM at the head of Hour 25 leading your time slot with 989,000 listeners who choose their space every night to find out.

Later, The lighthouse from Mara Torres leads her time slot with 230,000 listeners every morning.

If it dawns, we go from Roberto Sanchez opens at dawn with 98,000 and is the leader of its time slot.

On weekend mornings To live, the program of Javier del Pino, widely leads the weekend mornings with 1,894,000 listeners on Saturdays and Sundays with 1,622,000.

Manu Carreño, undisputed leader

The spar Manu Carreño’s undisputed leader in night sports programs with 842,000 daily listeners and 171,000 more than the last wave.

On the weekend, Sports Carousel, adds 1,450,000 listeners on Saturday and 1,343,000 on Sunday. On the average from Saturday to Sunday, at the same time as its competitors, Carrusel Deportivo leads with 1,400,000 listeners.

Francisco José Delgado ‘Pacojó’, with BE Sporty, get 365,000 listeners from Monday to Friday.

Digital leadership

In the leadership of the SER reflected by the EGM of the third quarter of 2021, the distribution of content in the digital environment has played a key role, mainly through and the radio APP. Up to a total of 734,000 listeners joined these listening modalities, 33% above the same wave of 2020. The mobile phone once again exercises a transistor and a variety of platforms allow the distribution of audio, content, programs and podcasts.

In this context, the chain’s firm commitment to digitization and multi-distribution is framed. Radio leaders on social networks such as Twitter (2.7 million followers in its main accounts), Facebook (1.8 million followers) or YouTube, the SER is consolidating its influence on platforms such as Tik Tok or Twitch, where, In a differentiating bet, exclusive content is offered that does not always have a presence on the antenna. has had an average of 10 million users per month throughout 2021, according to the Comscore meter.

LOS40 continues to be the most listened to music radio

LOS40 leads music radio in Spain with 2.751.000 listeners from Monday to Friday,almost 849,000more than its main competitor, Chain 100. El morning You Yes, with Dani Moreno and Cristina Boscáin front, adds 1,553,000 listeners. What’s more, LOS40 Classic maintains good results and reaches 628,000 followers.

Cadena Dial is the third most listened to music radio in Spain and increases its audience to 1,515,000 listeners.

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