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Culture arrives in 2022 with a series of not easy challenges ahead. To begin with, it will be the year in which the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Culture develop the expected and necessary Statute of the Artist, which aims to end the precariousness in the sector, which has suffered the consequences of this crisis caused by COVID with great intensity . This will also be the year of recovery, of the return of concerts, full capacity and new releases.


Of all the cultural sectors, the book is the one with the best data obtained in 2021. We have read and bought more and hopefully that trend will continue in 2022. At the moment, there are already a handful of titles that have announced their arrival in bookstores, for example, one of the first to do so, in January, is Spanish Beauty from Esther García Llovet (Anagram), cult author who abandons the nocturnal Madrid of her previous novels and focuses on Benidorm, the city that never sleeps, the city with all the time zones, the city of bars open until the day after tomorrow. A novel starring a corrupt police officer looking for her father and a talisman lighter.

Too Love song by Carlos Zanón is one of the novelties. A story of love, violence and friendship between the Costa Brava and the beaches of Zahora, according to three musicians they travel through the campin exclusively covering songs from 1985. Isabel Allende will publish purple, a journey through the most relevant historical moments of the 20th century through the eyes of a woman, Violeta. The novel ranges from the great pandemic of the so-called “Spanish flu” in 1920 to the COVID-19 pandemic a century later. Agustín Fernández Mallo: The book of all loves. An outstanding member of the so-called Nocilla Generation, he spreads love as the only way out of the current collapse.

If with The evil ones Camila Sosa was a small literary boom, now her new novel I’m a fool for loving you has a very high bar. Tusquets will publish it this first quarter of 2022. Roberto Saviano, Elizabeth Strout, Elvira Lindo with Neighborhood girl, Amélie Nothomb, Chomsky and her anarchist manual published in Capitán Swing, Modiano or Juan Tallón in Anagrama are some of the authors who will star in the new literary course.

There will also be time for centenarians. 2022 will be the year in which we celebrate Saramago, when the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Portuguese writer and Nobel Prize winner, and it will reach bookstores Their names, biographical album, among other outstanding events in Spain and Portugal. The writer, novelist, poet, journalist and playwright José Saramago built a unique and universal work with a deep aesthetic and ethical dimension, so the centenary of his birth is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the various dimensions of his life and career. as well as to honor his figure as a citizen and further strengthen his presence in the cultural and literary history of Lanzarote and the Canary Islands.

And continuing with literary recommendations, historical memory will be one of the themes that continues to mark the literary trends of this new year, as it did in 2021. We do not forget that Almudena Grandes, who practically finished a dystopian text that will see the light of posthumously this 2022. It is not the expected sixth chapter of Episodes of an endless war, but it is somehow related and can be considered as the seventh.

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It is not shot on Sunday, Edited by Out of Route, it is a history of the civil war, but not one more, but one in particular: that of Pablo Uriel, uA young doctor who was caught by the uprising at his first destination, in La Rioja, and how his life unfolds first as a civilian doctor, but very soon as a doctor on the fascist side, which is not the one he would have chosen, but yes from which it is his turn to live the war.

A story that has been reissued today by his daughter, Elena Uriel, who contributes her own illustrations to the work. Elena did not know her father’s story until she was 14 or 15 years old when her father gave her to read some sheets that he had written. “My father did not understand how Christians, Catholics, Apostolics and Romans could consent to what happened during the war. The gulf between what Christianity preaches and what it fulfills caused him a lot of pain”


Already with the capacity to one hundred percent, although with ups and downs because of Ómicron, the performing arts are trying to get ahead. There are several proposals for 2022. Juan Mayorga signs two of them, the first with Blanca Portillo, which opens next week. Is Be quiet at the Spanish Theater and presents us with a playwright who is going to enter the Academy published a speech that is entitled precisely Be quiet.

The second work by Mayorga that we will see this year is El Golem, with Vicky Luengo at the Centro Dramático Nacional. Another of the fashionable playwrights will take his new work there, Pablo Remón, The phonies. The play tells the lives of various characters over the years. Characters that are related to the entertainment world: actors and actresses, theater directors. Lucía Miranda will bring to the Abbey Theater House, a reflection on housing in Spain today, which we already talked about with her in La Hora Extra. And on that same stage we will see ’23 F Anatomy of an instant ‘, Javier Cercas’s celebrated essay on the transition and the role of Adolfo Suárez in the Tejero Coup.

And in Malaga, at the Teatro el Soho, the great expectation is to see Ricardo Darín with Scenes from a marriage. The Argentine already presented his version of Bergman’s work in Spain a few years ago and is now repeating in the theater created by his friend, Antonio Banderas, from Malaga.

In Barcelona, ​​the Teatre Lliure offers a look at the suffering of refugee children: Ice Syndrome, by Claudia Cedó, in March. A project that starts from the study of the doctor Elisabeth Hultcrantz on the ‘resignation syndrome’, already observed in Sweden in the 90s of the 20th century, which affects children and young people from the East, from Syria and particularly the Yazidi religious minority . A disease that leads to lethargy (a coma-like state) in the sufferer, in response to the trauma of uprooting.

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It will be released in Catalan The swallow, the success of the playwright Guillem Clua with Carmen Maura. The Swallow starring one of the greats of the Catalan scene, Emma Vilarasau, starting in April at the Sala Villarroel. The Liceu celebrates its 175th anniversary surrendering to Mozart, the Royal Theater also opts for the Austrian composer and will premiere The Marriage of Figaro. In addition to nabuco The The sunset of the gods and an opera, Hadrian with music by Rufus Wainwright.


Bad year for museums, whatever they paint. The Prado, for example, had more than three million visitors before the pandemic. 800,000 in 2020. Just over a million this year. That will be the great challenge of 2022, to recover the visitors. But they will also continue to work on digitization, on adapting to the new views that society demands, such as gender diversity, a view of colonialism and care for the environment. These are themes that are already beginning to influence the great Spanish art galleries, such as the Prado, or the Reina Sofía.

As for the exhibits, there is a bit of everything. The Thyssen bets on Alex Katz, in which it will be the first retrospective in Spain on the painter, one of the main figures in the history of American art of the 20th century and a precursor of pop art, which is still active today. We will also see an exhibition that will bring together Picasso with the designer Gabriel Channel.

More fashion in the Caixafórum with an exhibition that analyzes the influence on the cinema of the couturier Jean Paul Gaultier. It is a journey through the contexts of creation, both for dresses and films, which introduces us to some ideas of modernity and a sociological approach from which the movements for the emancipation of women and their reflection in fashion and cinema are approached. of his time.

The Reina Sofía is committed to a wide range of exhibitions, including those devoted to the evolution of graphic art from the first half of the 20th century to the present: From Posada to Isotype, from Kollwitz to Catlett and Girográfica. The program includes samples by the artists Alejandra Riera, Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz, Leonor Serrano Rivas and an installation by Carlos Bunga.

Marina Abramovich returns, after the Princess of Asturias, to Madrid, at the Bernal Gallery. It is an individual exhibition that presents eleven photographs, taken between 1973 and 2019, in which the artist reveals herself as a channel of emotions. On the occasion of the exhibition, the film entitled 7 deaths will be screened for the first time. The film is inspired by seven arias performed by Maria Callas; in each one of them, the artist dies in a different way.

In Madrid we will see exhibitions such as Sorolla’s childhood or French taste at the Mapfre Foundation. And on photography, we are going to meet Kaulak. It was the pseudonym of Antonio Cánovas del Castillo Vallejo, a photographer through whom almost the entire Spanish society of the time passed in 1904. February will be the month of ART, with the celebration of ARCO after the pandemic. Last year it was at half gas and this is expected to return to the old normality.

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Music has been the most affected cultural sector in the last two years. As with museums, the Mira sector has its sights set on 2023. Santiago Tabernero is the director of Actua Festivall from Logroño, which begins this Sunday, January 7, the earliest of the year, of course. Actual offers many concerts, also plays, films, shows, photography exhibitions.

Rigoberta Bandini will be one of the stars of the contest and is also one of the promises of the year, after his Ow mom, song with which she is a candidate for Benidorm festival, a step prior to Eurovision. The other favorites are a group of three Galician artists. If vaccine is the word of the year for the Fundéu, Tanxugueiras is the word of the year for the Galician Academy. Among the demands of his music and lyrics, that of the tambourines, the women who play the tambourine.

“We are three women who are committed to the traditional music of Galicia. Our greatest goal is to be able to bring Galician music to all possible stages and, above all, to enjoy what we are doing and to value our language, Galician, our music and culture “, They explain in an interview in La Hora Extra.

More concerts for this 2022: Tylor Swift and Beyoncé will have an international tour and we will experience the farewell of Joan Manuel Serrat from the stage. Jack White, of the White Stripes, but alone. Also other indie groups like Years and years, Foals or Placebo that have a new album, Never let me go, after nine years of silence. Los Planetas also release an album in two weeks: The songs of the water. And we will dance to the rhythm of Metronomy with his new album that will arrive in February and will be called Small World.

Another returning is Liam Gallagher, former Oasis. To rage their haters and sing to their fans. In May it will tour several festivals presenting C’mon you know, his third solo album, without his very brother. The Cure, will also return this year. The new pop divas will also make people talk in 2022. Cardi B will release an album entirely in Spanish. JLo will also have an album, with collaborations. Ricky Martin prepares the launch of Play, the second part of his musical project after Pause. An album that promises more danceable sounds. And the queen of pop Madonna, is also recording new music. Three years after his last album, he is preparing one for this year. The same as Stromae who, after ten years, has taken his time, brings out Multitude.

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