Kim Kardashian calls Kanye West crying after son saw her sex tape on video game

Kim Kardashian can be seen crying in the premiere episode of the family’s new Hulu series The Kardashians, as her leaked 2002 sex tape resurfaces.

The mum-of-four shot to fame in 2007 after an adult entertainment company, who reportedly paid $1 million for it, leaked the tape with ex-boyfriend Ray J online, writes The Mirror.

As the tape went viral, Kim and her family launched the first ever series of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and just recently they wrapped after 20 seasons.

However, it wasn’t the end of their time on TV and next week will return revamped under a new name for Hulu instead of E!.

In the first episode of The Kardashians, Kim gathers the family for an afternoon barbeque, only for the day to be upended when six-year-old son Saint shows the Skims founder of his Roblox game on his iPad.

Kim’s face drops as she takes the device from Saint and shows it to sister Khloe, 37, muttering: “We’re suing them if it’s a game with my name and my picture”.

Kim later explained to the cameras that there was a picture of Kim’s infamous crying face with a “click-bait” link advertising “super inappropriate” unreleased footage of the sex tape.

“The last thing I want as a mum is my past to be brought up 20 years later,” she said. “This is really embarrassing and I need to deal with it.

“Had my son been a little bit older and been able to read, I would have been mortified. I died inside.”

In later scenes on the new show, Kim was seen in her walk-in wardrobe preparing outfits for her Saturday Night Live hosting gig while on the phone to her lawyer Marty Singer about the “threats” that there is more footage from the sex tape.

“The last thing I want as a mum is my past to be brought up 20 years later”

Speaking into the phone on loudspeaker, Kim explained using air quotes: “’Ray J’s manager’ is claiming he has a sex tape of us in Santa Barbara.”

She added to the cameras: “This is supposed to be unreleased footage. I really don’t know what they have.”

“For 20 years this has been held over my head. This mistake – or is it a mistake? It was my boyfriend of years. We go on a trip and film a video.”

The couple were on holiday in Cabo, Mexico, celebrating Kim’s 23rd birthday when they filmed the X-rated home movie.

The first episode sees the mum-of-four gather for an afternoon barbeque with her famous family
The first episode sees the mum-of-four gather for an afternoon barbeque with her famous family

Kim continued: “It’s embarrassing for that to be out there but it’s not the most scandalous thing and I’m not going to be made to feel that way. I’m human.”

Kim is later seen calling up estranged husband Kanye West and immediately bursting into tears while explaining the situation.

“I almost died when Saint thought it was funny,” cried the mum.

Wiping tears away as Khloe comforted her, Kim continued on the phone: “Thank God he can’t read yet. Over my dead body is this going to happen to me again. I just want it gone. This is not going to f* ** with me.”

The first episode of The Kardashians will be available to stream on Hulu from April 14.

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