Killing Eve recap season 4 episode 4: Eve and Helene share awkward bath scene


Killing Eve is known for its handbrake turns, throwing characters into unlikely situations as they all flip-flop between a devotion to the job (be it super spy or deadly assassin) and desperation to leave. For season 4 episode 4, writer Laura Neal decided to explore some new, deranged dynamics. In one episode, three unlikely pairs were thrust together: Eve and Hélène; Villanelle and Carolyn; Pam and Konstantin.

It can’t really compare to the early fire between Eve (Sandra O) and Villanelle (Jodie Comer), but they were all uniquely intriguing nonetheless. The latest, and final, season of Killing Eve has been a slow burner so far, but fans seem to be warming to it.

Here’s a recap of what went down in Episode 4.

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Killing Eve recap season 4 episode 4

The episode opened with Eve meeting Hélène (Camille Cottin) in a theater. Eve presses for more information on the Twelve, but the whole meeting is yet another power play with Hélène intrigued to see what Eve is made of.

Meanwhile, Eve is clearly enjoying being able to play hardball with another woman who could kill her, but chooses not to. A few minutes in and has already broken Villanelle out of prison, blowing Eve’s dramatic gesture from her before it even began.

Jodie Comer at the photo call for BBC's Killing Eve Season Four.
Jodie Comer at the photo call for BBC’s Killing Eve Season Four.

Naturally, freedom comes at a price and Villanelle is tasked with a new kill right away: none other than Carolyn (Fiona Shaw), who has tracked down the hospitalized Russian. Before long, Villanelle has found Carolyn, dragged her across the beach and knocked her unconscious with a wrench.

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Perhaps noticing Villanelle has lost her spark, Carolyn wins her over by pandering to Villanelle’s most pressing need: to understand if she was born a psychopathic killer. It’s revealed that Carolyn met Villanelle at the orphanage she lived in as a child. Her first memory of Villanelle is when she severed another girl’s finger, which Carolyn recalls with genuine affection.

Then Carolyn plays her trump card. Telling Villanelle, why try to be good, when you can just do what you’re good at? Her clever play de ella does two things: convinces Villanelle to spare her life de ella, and kill for her instead.

Despite the obvious manipulation, the pair do seem at ease in each other’s company, agreeing to work together.

For their first job, Villanelle tortures the obnoxious Russian until he reveals the name of a restaurant. They dine at that restaurant before – coincidentally – Lars shows up. Carolyn is shocked to see her old flame de ella that she thought was dead, and he legs it when he sees her.

Meanwhile, Konstantin (Kim Bodnia) is blackmailed into returning to his role as handler. This time, his production of him is the dead-eyed Pam (Anjana Vasan), who is fresh from stabbing her brother of her 38 times and embalming his body of her.

It’s clear that Pam is going to be a volatile student – ​​on Day 2 of their training, she pushes him into the sea. It looks like the two well get on, because this move elicits one of Konstantin’s trademark belly laughs.

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Over in Paris, Eve is off to tell Hélène that she knows what Lars looks like. Eve ends up joining Hélène in the bath, with an intimidation tactic turned awkward as they both squeak around in the water trying to get comfortable. Knowing it will get a rise out of her, Hélène tells Eve she broke Villanelle out of prison; Eve responds by going in for the kiss.


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