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Kiko Rivera has recognized that up to eight million euros have been spent on addictions in recent years. All this during the last program of Planet Calleja, in which the artist has traveled to Nepal with Jesús Calleja to enjoy a different experience. An experience in which, how could it be otherwise, he has been able to review his past marked by controversy and analyze it from the current perspective.

Among other things, Jesús Calleja has asked him about his adolescence. Although he acknowledges that he has been the same as any young man his age, Isabel Pantoja’s son has come to recognize that he left to party on a Friday and did not return until a week later. Also that he ran away from home on several occasions and that he even got to take the car without having a driver’s license: “I have not been a bad kid.”

Kiko Rivera came to earn up to 100,000 euros in a weekend

Kiko Rivera assures that everything got worse when he turned 18 years old. The now DJ remembers that after reaching the age of majority, they offered him 2,000 euros to attend what would be his first gig. This would be followed later by other events in which its cache would begin to grow until it reached figures close to 25,000 for taking “four photos”. Given that during that time he was doing up to four bowls a week, Kiko Rivera acknowledges that he got to pocket up to 100 euros.

However, the artist acknowledges that there were times when that amount of money was spent before the end of the weekend: “I have come to leave a gig without pasta.” After Jesús Calleja asked him what all that money was spent on, Kiko Rivera has confessed that in everything: “I spent it at parties, on narcotic drugs, I also went with 25 friends. I spent it on whores and parties.”

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Kiko Rivera acknowledges that eight million euros were spent

In fact, the artist acknowledges that it has been ruined up to two times. In the first place, Kiko Rivera has assured that he spent four million euros between the ages of 18 and 22 without buying houses, investing or anything: “When money comes easy, it goes easy.” Several years later, and after believing that he had learned from the previous situation, Rivera lost another three or four million euros.

Several years later, and after believing that he had learned his lesson, Kiko Rivera lost another three or four million: “I had cases, I had 11 cars, jet skis …”. Luckily, Kiko Rivera recognizes that his life changed eight years ago, when he met his wife. Despite the fact that at first it was very difficult for him to leave his previous life, the singer explains that Irene Morales was key for him to begin to see life from another point of view. Also the documentary by the Swedish DJ Avicii, with whom he says he feels very identified: “I was so reflected in him that I called my representative and suspended the tour.” From his point of view, he could have died if he had followed the path of life that he led until he decided to change his life.


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