Kiev resists the siege while the Russian offensive spreads throughout Ukraine

The Ukrainian forces resist the siege of Russian troops in the capital, Kievwhere the fighting is taking place “in the same places as three days ago”, according to the advisor to the country’s Presidency, Mikhail Podoliak. However, the Russian Army has managed to enter Kharkov in recent hours, where fighting is taking place in the streets of Ukraine’s second largest city.

Russian troops arrive in downtown Kharkov, Ukraine’s second largest city – Listen Now

One day after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin ordered to intensify the offensive on Ukrainethe situation in the capital is “quiet” and the city is “completely controlled” by the Ukrainian Army after the various clashes that have taken place in the city on the fourth day of the conflict. “There were several clashes with sabotage groups at night,” he said. Mykola Povoroznykthe first deputy head of the Kiev State Administration according to the Ukrainian agency UNIAN.

In the daily report of this Sunday, the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have encrypted in more than 3,000 Russian troops killed, as well as 200 prisoners of war. In addition, they have indicated that they have destroyed 16 planes, 18 helicopters, 102 tanks, 540 armored cars and a ‘Buk’ missile system.

On the other hand, Russian military forces claim to have destroyed 975 targets of Ukraine’s military infrastructure since the beginning of the attack on the country, according to the spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Defense, Igor Konashénkov.

Likewise, the Russian Ministry of Defense has reported the destruction of 23 command centers, 48 ​​radars and 31 anti-aircraft systems, among other military installations. The Russian troops would have destroyed 223 tanks, 143 armored cars, 86 artillery units, 39 rocket launchers, 11 drones, eight planes and seven helicopters.

Lack of fuel stops progress

The Ukrainian Ground Forces have ensured that the lack of fuel for the Russian troops has stopped the advance of the columns of vehicles in their attack on Ukraine. “The personnel of the occupation forces, the vast majority of whom are young recruits, are exhausted by previous military exercises and have a low moral and psychological condition,” the Armed Forces explained in a statement in which they underlined “facts of desertion” among Russian troops.

Russia’s main objective, as stated in the statement, is to take the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Something that, “due to the strong resistance of the civilian population, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard and the National Police”, has not happened.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov has cheered his soldiers after what he described as “three days that have changed our country and the world forever“. In a Facebook post, the Minister of Defense has assured that Russia has not managed to capture Kiev “as they had planned”.

“Ukrainians are fighting Russian forces on multiple fronts, including on the outskirts of the capital, following the start of the Russian invasion on Thursday.” “Instead, I see a heroic army, a victorious guard, fearless border guards, dedicated rescuers, reliable policemen, tireless medical angels,” Reznikov said.

Fighting in Kharkiv

However, the Russian troops are achieving other objectives, such as Kharkov, where this Sunday they have managed to make their way to the center of the citywhere battles are fought in its streets.

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“The enemy vehicles move through the city. Due to the operational situation, the transport in the Oleksiyivka district was canceled,” reported the State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection of Ukraine on its Telegram channel, where it posted a video showing several armored vehicles. in an urban area.

Sporadic gunshots and explosions they echo through the largely deserted city, with most residents holed up in their homes.

The Ukrainian authorities recommended the population to go to the shelters and assured that they will destroy the enemy. “We fought in Kharkiv, Russia suffers casualties. There is already information about the first vehicle of the Russian occupiers that broke into Kharkov (destroyed). The fight continues,” added the entity, showing two videos with armored vehicles on fire.

The Ukrainian entity has also reported on the destruction of an oil deposit in Vasilkov, southwest of Kiev, and a gas pipeline in Kharkov. “The occupiers continue to insidiously destroy residential buildings in various cities,” the service said, denouncing that Russian troops “use military units and subdivisions, made up mainly of Caucasians,” referring to Chechen troops, in order to “intimidate to the population”.

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