Kidnappers poured boiling water on victim’s genitals and fed him fake poison

A gang snatched a man and took him to Jennifer Baker’s home, where he was subjected to 12 hours of torture including having boiling water poured over his genitals

A gang snatched a man and took him to Jennifer Baker’s home, where he was subjected to 12 hours of torture

A man was tortured and imprisoned for 12 hours after he was kidnapped off the streets by a gang.

The victim was snatched from outside his house in north Manchester and bundled into a car before brought to Jennifer Baker’s house.

He was bound and gagged, had boiling water poured over his genitals and was forced to swallow tablets which he was told contained rat poison, Manchester Evening News reported.

The man was warned that he’d be “seriously injured, if not killed” if he didn’t give the gang large amounts of cash.

Twelve hours later he managed to escape the house and flee to safety, having sustained serious injuries including burns.

The trial was heard at Manchester Crown Court


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During the resulting court case of Baker, who did not take part in the violence but was locked up for 18 months for assisting an offender, prosecutor Alaric Bassano told how the victim was outside his home at about 7.30pm, on November 12, 2019.

He was overpowered by four men and bundled into a car.

After being taken to Baker’s home in Blackley, the 30-year-old was punched in the face and dragged around different rooms of the house.

He was struck by a chair, had his head hit against a wall and was kicked, before the attackers tied him to a chair and bound his hands and feet.

A sock was forced into his mouth, and fixed in place with Sellotape.

The victim was brought into the living room and ordered to hand over money.

After telling his kidnappers he had no cash, he was attacked again.

Boiling water was then poured on his body including his genitals and he was told he was going to be injected with heroin, and that a roll of cling film was going to be forced into his bottom after his trousers had been pulled down.

He was forced to swallow tablets which he was told contained rat poison.

Tests later showed they were actually an antidepressant.

Later, he was taken to an upstairs bedroom and “in panic” he urinated.

Baker, who was present in the house while the horrifying attack occurred, was arrested and told police the gang had come to her home “unannounced.”

“She should have said no or at least done something about what was clearly going on,” her barrister Ian Metcalfe said.

“That would not, by any stretch of the imagination, be an easy thing to do.

“The defendant was targeted by others, because of her weaknesses and vulnerability.

“She was exploited by others.”

Mr Metcalfe said her life had been “blighted” by a “chronic” drug addiction and she faced the prospect of becoming homeless due to an ‘impending eviction’.

Judge Elizabeth Nicholls jailed Baker, after being told that ordering her to complete drug rehabilitation programs would be setting her up to fail.

Summarizing the case, the judge told her: “They used your home to imprison him, to torture him and subject him to degrading and violent treatment.

“It is right however to indicate you were to a degree as much of a victim as he was.

“The people who came to your address undoubtedly used you, in the sense they knew you would not put up any resistance.

“It is not as if you invited them. You simply had probably little choice in the matter.”

The judge was considering sparing her from prison, but in an unusual move, Baker asked to be sent to jail.

She would “fail” any drug rehabilitation programs she would be ordered to complete and instead hopes to get clean in prison, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Members of the gang are due to be sentenced at a later date.

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