Khloe Kardashian’s ‘body positivity’ sparks backlash after trying to ‘kill’ bikini snap

The reality star caused furore last year when she sent ‘legal threats’ to people who shared an unedited photo of her online – and her new claim that she is a champion of ‘body-positivity’ has not gone down well with fans

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Khloe Kardashain has been savaged by her fans after she tried to share a message about body positivity a year after she effectively tried to sue the internet after unflattering images of her circulated online.

The fame-hungry 37-year-old reality star sparked ridicule last year when she went to great lengths to have an unedited photo of herself removed from the internet after an assistant accidentally shared it online.

The star hired a crisis management team who sent legal threats to people who shared the image – igniting a backlash against the star for her extreme reaction and for underscoring the fact that she has a fake image that she promotes and real image that she is seemingly embarrassed about.

If Khloe had hoped that the backlash that started last year had gone away, she had a rude awakening on Wednesday when she tried to share a message about body positivity.

Khloe Kardashian sparked a backlash when she shared a message about ‘body positivity’ online



Taking to Instagram, the TV star shared a new campaign image of herself surrounded by different sized models who were all wearing her Good American brand products.

She wrote an ‘inspirational’ caption along with the image, typing: “Good American has always been more than just a fashion brand – it’s a platform for inclusivity and body positivity.

“We’ve worked hard to be a brand that empowers women, by redefining what is valued or even allowed in fashion by breaking down barriers and challenging dated norms.”

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But fans furiously lashed out at the star for claiming she celebrates all sizes and appearances when she seemingly couldn’t even bear to see an unflattering image of herself circulate online in April last year.

One follower mocked the star, writing: “Body Positivity… tries to get a natural photo of herself legally wiped from the internet.”

Another typed: “It’s been what, a year since you tried to kill a pic of you in a bikini unfiltered yet expect people to believe you promote positive body images…”

A further fan slammed the image and caption, writing: “Virtue signaling from the OG body-negative.”

Last April, Khloe desperately tried to have this unedited image erased from the internet



The Kardashians have been slammed for creating ‘impossible standards’ of beauty



While another worded things more colorfully and also hoped to start a campaign to boycott the Kardashians, writing: “How about Khloe worked hard as f**k to get the unedited picture of her in a bikini washed from the internet…..

“Khloe also worked hard at posting edited and filter photos of her self all over the internet, polluting the minds of the young woman following her.

“They have been selling us lies for 20 years now- we have made them billions of dollars. Enough is enough.”

But this wasn’t the only issue with the image – as many fans noticed that Khloe wasn’t even wearing Good American products in the image, suggesting she’s perhaps too embarrassed to be caught dead in her own fashion brand.

One noted: “And your wearing Balenciago not even your Brand? Yep great warning.”

Another spotted the same inconsistency, commenting: “Good American, but wearing Balenciaga.”

And a further fan advised: “Maybe instead of wearing Balenciaga, you should be wearing Good American?”

Things were still worse when some followers slammed Khloe for failing to be patriotic enough and have accused her of hijacking the American dream to benefit not one but herself.

One furious follower hit out at her post, writing: “funny how your company is called Good American yet you do nothing to point out or support what it means to be a Good American. No posting of the American Flag. No support of our Every day Heros and Military… Your just here to earn another dollar babe!”

Khloe’s appearance has certainly changed since she found fame in 2007



The reality star is far more groomed these days



But some were appreciative of Khloe’s post, with one writing: “In love with the diversity” as they took note of the range of body sizes and ethnicities in the photo.

And another gushed: “So glad you rep those of us that don’t fit in the box I have one pair & love the jeans!”

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