Kharkov resists constant Russian attacks

The ukrainian city of kharkiv, the second most populous in the country, is a strategic objective for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as it is key to the control of the east of the country. The area is undergoing bombing and fighting since the beginning of the war, which has caused hundreds of thousands of people to flee into exile and many others to take refuge in places such as the city’s subway. A TVE team has spent a day in the area, where the feeling is of constant threat due to the proximity of Russian troops.

The great destruction of the city, however, it was not only caused by the bombings. It also affects the action of Ukrainian troops, who have used heavy fire to recover the positions they had lost to the Russian Army. In the northern and northeastern districts of Kharkiv there are entire unoccupied neighborhoods where only the remains of the fighting remain.

Among the marks of destruction in the center of Kharkov are the ruins of the Regional Administration building, attacked at the beginning of the war. Before the Russian invasion, in this city lived 2 million peoplebut to this day most have fled the area or are taking refuge from the attacks underground.

Volunteers feed soldiers and neighbors

In an old hotel, located in a place that we are asked not to reveal, a group of volunteers cook for the soldiers of the front and the neighbors from the neighborhood Igor, a young computer engineer has left computing to dedicate himself to this task. “We help people to repair windows,” he explains to TVE. the explosions they have shattered the windows and many homes have been exposed to the elements.

The main thing, however, is the food. these volunteers they prepare 2,000 servings a day in a city where there are hardly any open stores and many of those who have decided to stay do not have the means to alleviate the hunger that lurks as the days go by.

In the Saltivka district, northeast of Kharkiv, the remains of the combat still smoke. Before the conflict, thousands of people lived in this area, especially students. Now there is no one left. Shortly before sunset, the only thing heard is the barking of dogs, probably abandoned by their owners. Also explosions and some nearby gunshots are heard. It smells of gunpowder and burning.

In an area with garages, in front of a ghostly building full of broken glass and bullet and cannon holes, Russians and Ukrainians have turned a residential neighborhood into a battlefield. A buzz in the air alerts the team. “Drone, drone”, one of the Ukrainian soldiers warns the TVE team, who recommends leaving the area as soon as possible.

    A girl takes refuge from the bombs in the city of Kharkov

    The Kharkov city metro is used to protect itself from bombing

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