keys of the appointment that will erect Feijóo

Alberto Nunez Feijoo will be erected this weekend in Seville in the new president of the PP. The 20th National Congress of Friday and Saturday will put end to the era of Pablo Casado after the deep internal crisis due to the war between him and the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Everyone expects it to be the Congress of the unity, of healing those wounds and a firm commitment to the future under unquestioned leadership of the still Galician president.

The motto of this Congress, whose organization is the responsibility of MEP Esteban González Pons, is “we will do well”and that of Feijóo’s candidacy was “prepared”. Some ideas with which they seek to make it clear that the party that won elections and governed Spain never left and who now looks to the future as real and serious alternative to the Government of Pedro Sánchez. It is also a positive message of looking to the future that is slightly reminiscent of the “Advance in freedom” of the congress in which the Popular Alliance was merged into the Popular Party in 1990. And it is that it is a congress of ‘restart’ towards that center-right PP after the stage of Casado in front.

The key date is Friday, where all the interventions of the party’s heavyweights will take place, and on Saturday the result that will establish Feijóo as the new leader will be announced.

These are some of the keys to the conclave:

Feijóo, unique and indisputable candidate

the Galician president arrives without rival any to this congress, as was its intention, since when the PP opened up in mid-February, it already made it clear that I would only step forward if I had no competition. In the midst of the crisis, he emerged as spokesman for the ‘barons’ of the PP and the voice to follow and They all ended up clamoring for his leadership.

There was a PP militant from Gandía, Alexia Herranz, who tried to be a candidate but did not present sufficient endorsements.

feijoo presented more than 55,000 (a record number) and was declared the only candidate. Even so, he wanted to obtain the direct vote of the militants despite not being necessary and ended up receiving 36,781 votes in favor with a participation of 88% of the bases, unprecedented support and that has already made him the de facto leader of the PP.

However, the final voice is held by the compromisers, that in the PP there are 3,099 elected and another 439 born, by reason of their position. These will be the ones who formally designate him party president on Saturday, April 2.

Feijóo has already reiterated that in the PP there is no one left and he has called to build a “space of centrality” around the party to achieve a “democratic change” in Spain because with the fragmentation, he added, the ‘popular’ will be “less strong and the nationalist, pro-independence and socialist coalitions will remain in government”.

The still regional president, who will leave the Xunta de Galicia in the coming days After having already resigned from leading the Galician PP, he still wants to recover the illusion so that former voters of the party “return home”.

Married’s final farewell

The speech of the still president of the PP is, without a doubt, the most anticipated on Friday afternoon.

It will be the third time I do it. the first was in the Congress of Deputies on February 23 after losing the support of all the territorial leaders and almost all of its hard core. “I understand politics as the defense of the noblest principles and values, the Respect for opponents and dedication to teammates. Everything to serve Spain and the cause of freedom”, he said then.

On March 1, he said goodbye for the second time before the National Board of Directors of his party, the one that summoned the XX National Congress, in which He apologized for his mistakes but also said he did not deserve the treatment he received.: “The PP belongs to its affiliates but it is also the heritage of all Spaniards (…) “That is why I regret everything that has been done wrong and the situation that our militants and voters have suffered this week. And I also feel, I have I have to say it, the reaction that I have had to suffer, which is unprecedented in our democratic history, and I sincerely believe that I do not deserve and would not deserve any of you”.

married, already pledged allegiance to Feijóo, has not made his future clearsince he has not announced whether he intends to leave his seat in Congress and politics.

Two former presidents will speak: Aznar and Rajoy

A National Congress is one of the most important appointments that a political party has and, in this case, the former presidents José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy could not be absent, who will intervene this Friday afternoon before that Casado and after the round table of the regional presidents of the PP (among them, Ayuso).

There is expectation to know what mentions will they makeif they do, to the outgoing leader. Before the crisis, Aznar He already threw a dart at Casado during the election campaign in Castilla y León by ensuring that the important thing is not “who” comes to La Moncloa but “what for” and called the PP to be a “clear reference”.

In January, before the cases of alleged espionage against Ayuso broke out and the possible irregularities in the Madrid Community mask contract linked to the president’s brother, Rajoy He referred to this in an interview about the internal war: “Nobody with half a brain disputes that (Casado) is going to be the PP candidate in the next elections.” There is also a certain expectation for his words. When he was leader of the PP, Rajoy placed his trust in Casado as deputy secretary and spokesman for the party.

Ayuso and the rest of the regional presidents, protagonists of the event

Before the speeches of the former presidents and Casado, there will be a round table with the ‘popular’ regional presidents what will be moderated by Feijóo himselfwith Ayuso, Juanma Moreno (Andalusia), Fernando López Miras (Murcia), Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (Castilla y León), and the president of the autonomous city of Ceuta, Juan Vivas.

Ayuso has not stopped charging against the outgoing management of the PP despite the fall of Casado. Even in the last National Board of Directors demanded “expel from the PP” who went against her and who responsibilities will be purged for the alleged espionage against his environment and for the accusations of corruption.

In a context in which the PP must define its strategy regarding Voxwhich does not please Feijóo despite the government pact that the ‘popular’ have with those of Santiago Abascal in Castilla y León, Ayuso has advocated normalizing these alliances. She even said a little over a week ago that she governs “in coalition” with Vox (despite the fact that Vox is not in the regional government) and, later asked if it had been a slip, she denied it and said what was it a “statement of intent”. This can contrast with Feijóo’s proposal for “centrality”, so it remains to be seen if he marks his own profile again.

Anyway, Feijóo and Ayuso have joined forces and are displayed in tune. The Galician president has come to say on several occasions that he does not doubt the “honorability” of the Madrid woman and that he is one of the greatest “assets” that the PP has.

What will the future PP be like?

Feijóo will put the finishing touch to Friday’s appointment with his speech as a candidate, in which he is expected to outline the general lines of his future mandate.

In any case, the conclave must clear the way for the future PP. According to the statutes, Feijóo is not obliged to reveal his team, but his proposal for general secretary must appear on the list of its 35 members to the National Executive Council, which will meet on Sunday and from which the rest of the names of the new leadership of the PP (When Casado was appointed, however, it took him days to name his leadership).

What is known is that the future secretary general and number two de Feijóo will be the current spokesperson in Congress, Cuca Gamarra. A name, precisely, with which he seeks to finish sewing the game by incorporating a trusted person from the Casado team.

Feijóo’s new team will have a clear goal, which is what he has already pointed out: to act as a state party with management capacity. To do this, he has advocated lowering the decibels in politics and surrounding himself with people with experience and “triennials.”

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