Kerry Katona moves in with mum while recovering after breast reduction surgery

Kerry Katona announced she has moved back into her mums house as she recovers from her breast reduction operation.

The former Atomic Kitten singer has reduced her boob size from a DDD to a C after saying earlier this year, she was ‘distraught’ after her boobs grew back.

The mother-of-five revealed she is “very happy” with her new results as she rests away from her family and has joked that she’s joined the ‘itty bitty t*tty’ club.

Kerry, 41, may have earned a pretty penny on OnlyFans posting saucy snaps in her underwear, but revealed she “cried” every day when she looked in the mirror.

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As reported in the Mirror, the OnlyFans star is ecstatic with her new chest, writing in her New magazine column: “I’m currently recovering from my breast reduction surgery.

“My boobs are so much smaller now! It’s a lot to get used to, but I’m very happy.

“I feel like I’ve lost about 2st in weight.”

Kerry told fans how she’s been staying at her mum’s for the past week to “properly rest and just be in bed”.

“I’ll be going back home soon,” she said. “I’ve missed the kids so much!”

The telly personality told how she’s been enjoying spending time with her mum after her recent spell of ill health.

“It’s nice being with my mum, especially after her heart attack. I think she wanted me to stay with her longer but it will be good for her to get used to being on her own de ella again.

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“She’s also recovering really well. She’s completely stopped smoking now – and I’m so proud of her. After 50 years of smoking, it’s an incredible achievement.”

Kerry actually had a breast reduction a year ago, but went under the knife again as she wasn’t happy with the results.

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Speaking to her followers on Instagram, she said: “As you all know, I had breast surgery last year for reduction.

“I’m not happy with it and I could actually cry because when I put on a jumper I feel like the Honey Monster.

“I don’t want to have massive boobs. It’s so Nineties, people.”

Back in February, Kerry opened up about the struggles she was having with the size of her boobs.

She said her boobs ‘kept getting bigger’ after her last year’s reduction.

Kerry said she felt more uncomfortable in her skin than ever and “cried every day” when she looked in the mirror.

Writing in her column for New magazine, the star said: “I’m going for a check-up to see if everything is as it should be. I actually feel like my boobs have grown bigger!

“I’m still feeling really uncomfortable in my own skin at the moment. No matter how healthy I’m being and how hard I’m training, I just can’t seem to lose weight.”

She added: “It doesn’t even feel like I’m in my own body. I look in the mirror and cry every day.”

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