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Returns Matrix, one of the most important franchises for science fiction cinema. Its premiere in 1999 gave wings to all kinds of philosophical and political theories. From Plato’s Cave, to Descartes, or Alice in Wonderland Carroll, or the Bible itself. Even the philosopher Zižek dedicated a little book to the film. The phenomenon created by the Wachowski sisters, which gave rise to a second and third film and which revolutionized cinema on several levels: aesthetic, musical and even thematic, has an explanation:

“I think that what people like and what makes them enjoy these films is, on the one hand, that it is an action movie and, on the other, that it has a philosophical dimension. Furthermore, they connect with the two characters. , with Trinity and Neo and then he has a good production design, good photography. It’s entertainment, but at the same time you go home inspired “, Keanu Reeves says. The actor returns to put himself in the shoes of Neo, the chosen one, more than twenty years later.

Matrix Resurrections It arrives in a nostalgic wave of Hollywood that seeks to return to its greatest successes in moments of anxiety and change in consumption and exhibition. But nevertheless, Lana Wachowsky, The only director after her sister has decided to stay on the sidelines of this fourth installment, she signs a return that laughs at precisely all of the above. “I think that deep down the film has not changed so much, the essence of the previous ones is still here, but it is true that it is much more colorful,” adds the actor.

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In the fourth installment there is love and jokes in equal measure. First laugh at what was Matrix, the phenomenon, the fans, the madness … how it affected the cinema, how it affected its creators, with a mirror game with his character, the chosen one, Neo. A 20-year-old Keanu Reeves who doesn’t remember anything, goes to therapy and has created a successful video game called Matrix. His mental problems return when Warner Bross orders a fourth installment from him and once again questions that in the world in which he lives it is real. Especially since a group of thugs arrive to take him to that real world. They are the new signings of the sack as Priyanka Chopra, Yahya Abdul-Mateen as the new Morfeo, Cristina Ricci, Neil Patrick Harris, Jonathan Groff, as the new agent Smith, and Jessica Henwick. The other protagonist repeats, Carrie-Anne Moss who gave life to Trinity, a female character who also changed the archetypes of action cinema. “It has been amazing to return to the film,” says the actress in the SER.

There is action, kung fu, slow-motion bullets, flying kicks, and the reflections of that time that, coincidentally, make almost more sense now, in the age of social media and social media. fake news, where getting out of the fold is difficult and where choosing the truth even more so. “It is difficult to know the truth, I mean the outer truth, because I believe that each one is capable of knowing his inner truth. In this age of information it is complicated. I do not know if the human mind is made to support as much information as the that we have these days. My brain sometimes collapses and needs to rest, “explained the actress.

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The film also recovers the philosophical theme of free will, that is, if we are really free in a society where everything is measured by money and power. He reflects on the destination and wonders again whether or not the chosen one will return.


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