Katie Price announces she is selling pictures of her ‘perfect’ feet for £5 on OnlyFans

Katie Price stunned fans last week as she announced she’s joining OnlyFans, and has started flogging feet photos on the subscription site.

The mum of five revealed she was going back to her glamor modeling roots by joining the subscription service selling saucy snaps, offering snaps of her “princess” feet for fans keen to spend some extra money.

Katie announced to a crowd of press and paparazzi she’s joined the site to take a stand for body confidence and to feel “secure, confident, empowered and beautiful”.

Katie is flogging feet pics for an extra £5
Katie is flogging feet pics for an extra £5

When asked during a Q&A on her OnlyFans page about favorite body part, Katie said: “I would have to say it’s my feet. I’ve got small, good, princess feet.

“Everyone always says how nice my feet are. I look after my feet really well. They’re soft, small, and even though I broke them two years ago they’re still intact. People are fascinated about my feet, apparently my feet are on some fetish sites.

“So if there is anyone who is interested in my feet I can always slip them in the DMs. But I have to say I do have perfect, Pricey feet. Like me, a perfect little package.

“Before I broke my feet I was a size four, but now I’m about four-and-a-half. I’m a four in sandals but if they have a back bit I’m a four-and-a-half. half because where they put all the metal work in my feet they’ve made them slightly longer.”

Katie was previously left in a wheelchair for a month in 2020 after breaking both of her feet on holiday in Turkey.

Katie is joining OnlyFans
Katie Price launches her new OnlyFans Channel at Holborn Studios on January 26, 2022 in London, England.

The former glamor model made full use of her ‘princess’ feet offering subscribers the chance to see cream being massaged into her feet, for a one off fee of £5.

She wrote: “FOR THE FOOT LOVERS! Full vid of Cream being rubbed into my feet and legs”

Asked what her favorite underwear is, she said: “Anyone who knows me knows I don’t really wear underwear unless it’s for an occasion.

“And because I’ve had my boobs done so many times I don’t even know what bra size I am at the moment. I need to get measured.”

Katie dressed as a nun last week to launch her page on the adult subscription website, admitting she plans to use her channel to “empower women” by promoting “body positivity”.

She will share “glamorous shots” and updates about her life with her fans.

Katie admitted she hit “rock bottom” after her drink-driving crash last year, and said she “regrets” getting in the car that night.

She was handed a 16-week suspended sentence in December for the offence, which was committed while she was disqualified and did not have insurance.

Speaking during her Channel 4 documentary show Mucky Mansion, Price spoke about the impact of the crash.

She told the cameras last week: “I regret getting in the car, I could have killed someone. I could have killed myself. My kids might not have had a mum. It’s awful.

“I was rock bottom at that point. It was a wake-up call. I don’t want to be in that situation again.

“In fact, I don’t want to be in a situation where I feel that sad inside that I need to just go and do something, be destructive and hurt people around me because I don’t know how to cope with it.”

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