Kate revealed ‘friendly and fun’ side during carol concert performance, expert says

The Duchess of Cambridge, 39, has played the piano since she was a child and wowed the audience of the Christmas special show with a beautiful musical performance

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Royal Carols: Kate Middleton accompanies Tom Walker on the piano

Kate Middleton stunned viewers of her Royal Carols concert when she took to the stage alongside chart-topper Tom Walker on Christmas Eve.

The 39-year-old wowed the audience of the ITV Christmas special show with a beautiful piano performance.

The Duchess of Cambridge has played the piano since she was a child and took comfort in it during the Covid lockdowns.

A body language expert described her performance at Westminster Abbey Carol Concert as “confident” and “friendly”.

She also claimed that Kate Middleton’s performance indicated her quiet adoption of a more “matriarchal leadership role” in The Firm.

Kate and Tom joined forces for a touching rendition of his song For Those Who Can’t Be Here where the Duchess Of Cambridge accompanied him on the piano wearing an elegant red dress.

Kate Middleton stunned viewers of her Royal Carols concert



Despite the Duchess reportedly feeling “nervous”, body language expert Judi James said that Kate appeared “confident, friendly and authentically fun”, Star Online reports.

In her introduction, Kate said: “We wanted to say a huge thank you to all those amazing people out there who have supported their communities.

“We also wanted to recognise those whose struggles perhaps have been less visible too.

The Duchess appeared alongside Tom Walker



“We have been through such a bleak time. We’ve seen so many challenges. We’ve lost our loved ones.

“We’ve seen our frontline workers under immense pressure. And also we’ve been more emotionally and socially distanced and isolated from each other.

‘But I suppose through that separation, we’ve also realised how much we need each other and how acts of kindness and love can really bring us comfort and relief in times of distress.”

A body language expert described Kate’s as “confident” and “friendly”



Studying her introductory message, Ms James spoke to FEMAIL saying: “Watching Kate deliver this very personal and individual video message with its emphatic visual themes of warmth, kindness and Christmas card-style visuals, it is hard to imagine that the format is anything other than a fledgling version of the Queen’s speech from the woman who will one day hold that role.

“Over the past couple of years Kate has been re-positioned in the royal Firm to have a much more central, powerful and high-profile role in her own right.

The Duchess of Cambridge has played the piano since she was a child



“‘Previously appearing as William’s wife and part of that pitch-perfect and mirrored double act, she is now championing her own global projects and causes as well as quietly adopting more of a matriarchal leadership role in the family.”

Ms James also praised Kate’s “almost professional” performance skills in front of the camera that made her look confident yet friendly and accessible.

She suggested that the Duchess of Cambridge’s laugh in the performance was a genuine indication of good humour, rather than a fake laugh for sake of the audience.

Tom described Kate as “lovely, kind and warm hearted and said she “smashed” her performance which she had teased in a short Instagram video a few hours before it was broadcast on Christmas Eve.

Speaking about the experience of working with her, he said: “It was truly an honour playing alongside The Duchess for Royal Carols: Together at Christmas. Without doubt, it was a once in a lifetime experience.

“I thought she absolutely smashed the performance; it’s not easy to just jump behind a piano with a bunch of musicians you’ve never played with before and record live takes to camera, but she completely nailed it.

“The Duchess with my band and a string quartet. I certainly won’t forget that in a hurry.”

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