Kate Garraway’s ‘biggest gift’ this Christmas is Derek Draper being home

Kate Garraway has confessed it is the “biggest gift” for her and her family having Derek Draper home with them this Christmas after a tough year and a half battle with coronavirus and its complications

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Kate Garraway says having Derek home at Christmas is a ‘gift’

Kate Garraway says it is the “biggest gift” having Derek Draper home this Christmas.

The Good Morning Britain presenter and her family have had a tough 18 months, after her husband Derek spent months in hospital as he battled coronavirus.

Derek is still very poorly but he is now home with Kate and their children and she says it is the greatest gift to have him back at home with her after a difficult year and a half.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, she said: “Last Christmas Eve, we did have a lot of promise and a lot of hope. But Derek was in hospital. We had no idea whether he was going to live or die, praying that it was going in the right direction.

Kate said it was the biggest gift having Derek home this Christmas

“A huge amount of gratitude for all the staff, the NHS teams that have kept him alive, and grateful that he was still alive as many other people have lost their life. And this year, of course, he’s home so we are spending Christmas together, and that is the biggest gift.”

Kate explained how tough it’s been for the whole family – and how there is “still a long way to go”.

“Obviously, he still has extraordinary problems with communication, mobility is very limited, massive problems with fatigue and sometimes it’s like he’s not present with you,” she added.

Derek has been poorly since contracting coronavirus last year



“It’s kind of hard to get your head around really. But we have still got fears. Still got a long, long way to go. And still hugely grateful for everyone that kept him alive and saved his life thus far.”

Kate is hopeful for the next year, as she praised those who have cared for Derek.

She explained: “But really what to say actually, this year since he’s been home, people in the community – friends, incredible family all around – have been amazing.

Kate opened up about the family’s struggle in her Finding Derek documentary



“But the teams that have come out to help, the nurses, the therapists, and most extraordinary, the carers have been phenomenal. It’s just amazing. People working in care homes are making it possible for people to be able to have some kind of Christmas.”

She continued: “But actually carers that are going out into the home are making it possible for a lot of people to have Christmas and without them we wouldn’t be able to be together. I’ve always thought the whole world of caring, local authority and the agencies are amazing. But I’ve got a whole new thing. So thank you very much to everybody.”

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