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At the gates of Christmas, rapper Kanye West has allowed himself to be invaded by the spirit of the holidays and has decided to make his contribution to the city where he grew up. The music producer has also chosen Chicago (United States) as his indicated place to donate about 4,000 toys to the Englewood neighborhood, as confirmed by councilor Stephanie Coleman to the American television channel ABC7, where an event was held on 19 December that started at one in the afternoon. In it, crowds of neighbors have gathered inside Kennedy King College, a place to which the rapper, who now calls himself simply “Ye”, has sent the enormous quantity of toys. It is there where a massive raffle has been carried out so that all the children in the area could opt for one of these prizes.

The owners of several Chicago restaurants, numerous councilors and other community leaders and residents have also contributed to the toy drive, encouraged by the artist. “I am very proud that Kanye is once again responding to our need to help the children of Chicago, and beyond. He is no stranger to our community. His presence has always been felt in our neighborhoods and he loves to visit us. But this Christmas he has become our modern Santa Claus ”, said Coleman in his remarks during the event. Each of the families that approached have received one of the toys offered by the 21 Grammy Award winner, as well as food for all those who needed it.

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West, who bought and rebuilt his childhood home in 2020 for $ 285,000 (roughly 253,100 euros), began his music career in the mid-1990s after growing up under the roof of Ray and Donda West in Chicago, despite the fact that he was born in Atlanta His parents separated when he was 3 years old so he was left in the care of Donda – the woman who gives his last album its name -, who took care of financing his education by sending him to China to carry out a language exchange and giving him the possibility of going to University. Despite the comings and goings, West has always returned to Chicago, a place to which he is especially fond and in which he has been involved both socially and politically.

Following George Floyd’s tragedy in 2020, he joined protests and demonstrations in his hometown against racial discrimination and police violence in the US, as well as creating a college fund for Gianna, Floyd’s youngest daughter. Donations announced by the rapper include others to various businesses run by African-American entrepreneurs in Chicago and a total of $ 2 million (1.78 million euros) to the families of Ahmaud Arbey and Breonna Taylor, other victims of racism in the United States. A representative for West reported to CNN television.

Among his many charitable actions, the creation of the Dr. Donda West Foundation stands out, which aims to reduce the number of children who drop out of American schools. In March 2020, he agreed with his now ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, joining the list of celebrities who wanted to fight the coronavirus crisis after its outbreak thanks to different donations with which he helped alleviate the economic effects of the pandemic in the States. United. For his part, the music producer supported the cause with donations for two charities. The first, We Women Empowered, a foundation born in its precious city of Chicago, to provide food to families and older adults who have been affected by covid-19. Likewise, he also made a donation to The Dream Center foundation, an organization in charge of helping unprotected people living on the streets. This charitable group also supports students in Los Angeles where, due to the closure of schools caused by the pandemic, a total of 700,000 children were deprived of the daily meals they received from the institutions.

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