JxCAT meeting with Puigdemont in Berlin, May 5




The meeting is held one day after the Parliament has approved the reform of the Presidency Law. The Spanish Government has already announced that it will appeal to the Constitutional Court.

President Carles Puigdemont meets this Saturday in Berlin with the deputies of Junts per Catalunya (JxCAT), as explained by sources from the parliamentary group. The meeting will begin at 13:00 GMT and is held one day after the Parliament has approved the reform of the Presidency Law.

The modification of the law to be able invest in distance Puigdemont It had the support of the majority of JxCAT, ERC and the CUP -a total of 70 votes, including the delegates of Puigdemont himself, Antoni Comín and the deputies in prison-, while the 64 parliamentarians of Ciudadanos, PSC-Units opposed , Catalunya en Comú-Podem and PPC.

Meanwhile, the Spanish government has already started the procedures to present an appeal against the Presidency Law before the Constitutional Court, as announced yesterday by the spokesman for the central Executive, Iñigo Méndez de Vigo.

However, and despite the approval of this law, it is not clear that JxCAT will attempt the investiture of Puigdemont again, since his candidacy has recently been challenged by the Constitutional Court and promoting it would entail disobedience.

From JxCAT they assure that their intention does not pass in any case by forcing the members of the Parliamentary Board to disobey, so, after approving the law, they must decide whether to continue betting on Puigdemont o looking for an alternative candidate.

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Thus, the Berlin meeting could serve to clarify the panorama and know if an alternative candidate is being committed: this week Jordi Sànchez (JxCAT) and ERC leader Pere Aragonès have endorsed that the one chosen for the investiture is Elsa Artadi.

ERC believes that if there is a ‘solid’ candidate there may be an investiture next week

The deputy to the presidency of ERC, Pere Aragonès, pointed out last Wednesday that his party hopes that JxCAT will present them this weekend “a solid proposal” of candidate for the investiture as president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, which would allow to celebrate the full investiture next week.

In a statement to Catalunya Ràdio, Pere Aragonès assured that “right now there is no name on the table”, and again recalled that “ERC has an agreement with JxCAT, what does he say is the latter to whom it corresponds to propose the candidate for the presidency “.

In this sense, he added that ERC will not position itself on one or another candidate name, and that he will do everything possible so that there is a new Government “as soon as JxCAT informs him of the new candidacy, something that he hopes will happen” in the next few days because time is ticking and we are facing an exceptional situation. “

On the possibility that the name proposed by JxCAT is that of the deputy of this formation Elsa ArtadiHe said his party would have no problem. “When there is a name on the table, what we will do is analyze the obstacles that may exist, but I have no doubt that (JxCat) will make us a solid proposal,” said Aragonès.

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