JxCAT and ERC guarantee the unity of the Generalitat, October 5, 2018




Torra and Aragonés have recognized that they must “improve coordination” between JxCAT and ERC and assure that the day of the sentences in the case of the sovereign process will mark “a turning point.”


Quim Torra and Pere Aragones

The Catalan president, Quim Roast, and the vice president, Pere Aragonès, have staged today a way out of the crisis between JxCAT and ERC, in order to guarantee the unity of the Government “at least until the day of the sentences” of the ‘procés’.

After the clash over the delegated vote of the deputies suspended by the Supreme Court, which caused the blockade of the Parliament and the postponement of the plenary session in which the proposals for resolutions of the General Policy Debate were to be voted, Torra – who has insisted on his ultimatum to the Government – and Aragonès have met to try to calm the crisis and then have appeared together.

Finally, the plenary session will resume on Tuesday afternoon and the day before, on Monday, the Board will analyze the opposition’s requests for reconsideration regarding the mechanism that JxCAT and ERC agreed to at the last minute yesterday.

It will be the moment in which it will be verified if this agreement is sufficient to overcome the reluctance of the Chamber’s lawyers and if it fully pleases JxCAT, ERC and the President of Parliament, Roger Torrent.

Waiting for what happens on Monday Torra and Aragonés have accepted the agreement reached yesterday by JxCAT and ERC as valid, but have wanted to make a self-criticism exercise.

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Thus, they have read a joint document with which they have pledged to “reinforce the strategic agreement of the legislature” of JxCAT and ERC, beyond their “legitimate discrepancies”, after verifying that their “coordination mechanisms are improvable”, although they have not offered any specific information on these possible solutions.

In any case, they have attributed yesterday’s discrepancy to the situation of “exceptionality of the moment”, for which they call “repression” of the State against sovereignty, in reference to the imprisoned and exiled deputies.

Torra has criticized at this point “a state that, despite the change of government, does not take its foot off the pedal of repression.”

After his meeting with Aragonès, Torra stressed that “Today we reinforce this commitment to unity”, who said they guarantee “Until, at least, the day of the sentences”, when will there be a “inflection point”.

Aragonès has subscribed that the stability of the Government is “guaranteed” and has agreed that the sentence will have “an impact”: “In due course we will have to make the necessary decisions together with the Parliament,” he added.

The Catalan president has insisted on his ultimatum to Sánchez and stressed that he has put “expiration date” to the stability of the Spanish Government if it does not offer a “proposal” for Catalonia in November, a warning that appears in the document that it has read together with Aragonès.

In any case, Torra has pointed out that “one thing is parliamentary stability -of the central government- and another is the open door to dialogue,” to which he has asserted that they will never resign.

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