July 4, 2019




He will be reelected as general deputy of Álava with the votes of PNV and PSE-EE that add up to an absolute majority. The two formations have yet to finalize the division of departments in the Provincial Government.

The PNV candidate for reelection as deputy general of Álava, Ramiro Gonzalez, has opted to maintain the economic recovery started in the last legislature and turn Álava into a “leader in competitiveness” and a benchmark in Europe.

The candidate for re-election has been set as main challenges for the legislature, the growth of the economy and quality employment, and social and territorial cohesion.

It has proposed a government model based on sustainable economic development and growth with quality employment, human development that guarantees social cohesion through social policies “with special attention to aging”, and a living territory with “equality in services. and diversification of the economy “with active towns. In taxation, the reform of the Contributions Law will be one of the priorities of the new regional government and tax improvements will be sought for a “fair and progressive” tax system.

Ramiro González has assured in his inauguration speech that the good results obtained by both formations in the 2019 provincial elections represent a “boost” to the work carried out by the government coalition in the last four years.

In any case, he has ensured that in the next four years he will maintain the same willingness to agree that in the previous legislature, in which jeltzales and socialists lacked an absolute majority and were obliged to agree with the opposition.

González has presented the axes of his government plan in the plenary session held this Thursday at the General Meetings of Álava, in which he will be re-elected with the votes of the PNV and the PSE-EE that add up to an absolute majority, with 27 junteros out of a total of 51.

Although jeltzales and socialists have not yet specified how their global governance agreement will be embodied in Álava, both formations will reissue the regional coalition government that González has chaired in the last four years.

With the reelection of González assured, it remains to be seen what the division of departments between jeltzales, who in the last legislature had seven representatives in the provincial government, and socialists, who had two deputies.

Unlike what happened in the previous legislature, the PNV (17 junteros) and the PSE-EE (10) they add an absolute majority in the plenary session of the General Meetings, which is why they face the next four years with greater guarantees of stability than during the first term of Ramiro González.

In addition to Ramiro González, He has also presented his candidacy to the full investiture Kike Fernández de Pinedo (EH Bildu), who, although he lacks the options of being elected, has used his intervention before the Provincial Parliament to visualize the “alternative government” that his group represents.

The plenary session began at 10:00 hours and the vote expected for 17:30 hours.


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