Juan Marín assures that an electoral advance in Andalusia “interests Genoa and Ferraz” | Spain

The vice president of the Board and coordinator of Citizens, Juan Marín, this Monday in statements to the media.
The vice president of the Board and coordinator of Citizens, Juan Marín, this Monday in statements to the media.CS (Europa Press)

The vice president of the Junta de Andalucía and territorial leader of Ciudadanos, Juan Marín, has once again defended the context in which last June he assured that it was “stupid” to approve the budgets in electoral year during a meeting with his parliamentary group which was recorded and whose audios have dynamited the negotiation on the regional accounts of 2022. Marín has gone further this Wednesday and has indicated that the leaks are of interest to those who want an electoral advance. “Genoa and Ferraz are interested,” he said this morning on the program Day by day of Cadena Ser in reference to the headquarters of the PP and the PSOE in Madrid. The Ciudadanos leader has insisted, however, that the leaks will not condition the legislature and has defended the coalition’s management in the community.

“The figure of Juan Marín is bothering those who are looking for an electoral advance,” said the Andalusian vice president. “Those who have not accepted that here there is a PP Ciudadanos coalition government that works and maybe they want to implement another model if there are national elections are interested and they are interested in alliances with other formations. Genoa is interested and, of course, Ferraz ”has riveted.

The recording of Marín’s statements was leaked 48 hours before the end of the deadline to present all amendments to the Andalusian budgets for 2022. His statements caused the immediate breakdown of the negotiations – already very limping – with the PSOE and Vox . Both parties announced the presentation of amendments to the whole. These statements by the Andalusian vice president offered the Socialists a new reason to justify that they were paralyzing a path of possible agreement that was unexpectedly promoted by the PSOE-A secretary general, Juan Espadas. From the ranks of the Andalusian PP, it was agreed to call attention to the coincidence that the audios were known just at that time and the benefit that the socialists extracted from it.

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From the environment of Ciudadanos, and in line with the statements of this Wednesday of Marín, the former secretary of Organization of the training, Fran Hervías, now in the PP, was pointed out as responsible for the leaks, something that he denied. The Popular Party has never hidden the interest of the national leadership for an electoral advance in Andalusia that could consolidate its party in the most populated community in Spain – taken from the Socialists – and reinforce the presence of the PP as a winning party, after the good results harvested in Madrid by Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The Marín leaks also take place the same week that the regional congress of the Andalusian popular is held, where Moreno wanted to present himself as a solid leader, based in a stable coalition government.

The vice president’s audios, however, have fueled the debate within the Andalusian PP on the advisability of an electoral advance due to the weakness of its government partner and the possibility that the opposition prevents the approval of laws and the normal development of the legislature. Moreno himself already warned the rest of the political groups during the debate on the state of the community that “if the laws and decrees are not approved”, the government is being “pushed into a dead end”. The president has already affirmed that this blockade, if it exists, will begin to be verified in February when parliamentary activity is resumed after the Christmas holidays.

Marín insisted this Wednesday that his statements were made when it became known that the income by the Spanish Government was going to be lowered by more than 2,000 million euros and that his party would not support budgets that imply cuts in social services, a message that he transferred yesterday to the Governing Council and that the spokesman of the Board, Elías Bendodo, and the Minister of Finance, Juan Bravo, endorsed. This reasoning, which Marín himself already exposed in public in August, however, is not reflected in the audios.

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