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Right to decide

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Artur Mas and Juan José Ibarretxe have offered a conference on the right to decide the Kursaal Palace in San Sebastián.


The former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas He assured today that he sees a possible agreement between Catalonia and the State “further than the top of Everest” and has openly defended continuing with the sovereign process initiated with the Catalan State as an objective on the horizon.

Mas has offered a conference this Wednesday at the Kursaal de San Sebastián on the right to decide, in which the ex-lehendakari has also intervened, Juan Jose Ibarretxe and that has been jointly organized by the platform It is in our hands and by ‘Agirre Lehendakaria Center‘.

But, acclaimed by 1,800 people who have packed the Kursaal, he has not mentioned third routes nor has he referred at any time to the meeting held by the President of the Government, Mariano Rajoy, and that of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, but has opted for the celebration this year of a new referendum and for the achievement of a Catalan State.

The former identity has explained that if Catalonia received an offer from the State to deepen its autonomy, a hypothesis that he has considered “very distant”, said proposal should be voted in a referendum by the Catalans, but always together with another in favor of independence.

“For people to choose between independence and an offer of greater autonomy”, has defended Mas, who has said that “it would not make sense” that with a Catalan Parliament that has an “absolute majority” in favor of independence, this option could not be “put as an alternative”.

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The keys to success

The one who was the highest representative of the Catalan Government has highlighted that the one that emerged in Catalonia is “a movement born from the grassroots of the people, a peaceful, civic and inclusive movement, and a democratic neatness movement that is committed to legality. “

In this sense, he has indicated that it is “a process that has as keys ‘ballot boxes and Law’, which begins at the ballot box and will end at the ballot box. “” The Spanish State is attacking us in the form of reconquest powers, “he asserted, to point out that” Justice is being shamelessly politicized “and politics is being judicialized. “.

Artur Mas has assured that, after many “unsuccessful attempts to agree with the State”, the Catalans only have the path to achieve “a Catalan State in Europe”. “We want to build Mediterranean Denmark”, he stressed, to warn that, for this, “it will cost at least one generation.”

In his opinion, this can be achieved, and has said that “the first key to success is to exercise the right to decide” because that battle will have been won, “in part,”. “Voting is already winning”, has indicated, to affirm that this same year “a new referendum” will be held in Catalonia.

For this reason, he has called the “political unity and mobilization of the people”, which is a “fundamental pairing” and one of his “best cards in this game”. Likewise, he has indicated that “the third key to success” will be “the social majority at the polls” and has assured that they will accept whatever the Catalans decide, be it for or against independence.

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“We do not know if we have a sufficient majority to create a Catalan state. We know that we are close,” he said.

In addition, he has indicated that the “fourth key to success is international recognition, even if it is progressive. “

Ibarretxe: “The change is already here”

For his part, Ibarretxe has pointed out that one cannot speak of one-sidedness in the steps that Catalonia is taking, “one of those rotten concepts that have been invented”, because there is no such thing “if the other party does not sit at the table.”

In addition, he has ensured that the Basque people “will always be” with the Catalan, while he has defended that the right to decide serves “to unite, not for secession” and the consultations are called “to exercise democracy” and “not to break.”

In addition, he has defended that “change is here” and if the right to decide “runs aground, it will be because it has run aground in Euskadi or Catalonia, not because it has run aground in Madrid”, while advocating for building that path “together” and has affected that in 2030 the Basque Country will be among the “new actors” of globalized society, along with Quebec, Scotland or Flanders.


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