José Calderón, Berni Rodríguez and Álex Mumbrú, with Pacojó at the Christmas dinner for the special ‘Play Basket’ | sports

Christmas has arrived at ‘Play Basket’ and Pacojó has organized his Christmas dinner with three of the greats of our basketball. José Calderón, Álex Mumbrú and Berni Rodríguez talk with Pacojó about Christmas, about how they lived these dates when they were active, the ‘tuition dinners’ of the national team, anecdotes from their championships together … and much more. Listen to the special Christmas ‘Play Basket’ podcast:

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Christmas active and retired

Now, the three of them can enjoy Christmas with their family and without cutting off anything, but … What was Christmas like in active? And playing in the NBA?

Álex Mumbrú: “Before the nougat, the pastries … that was forbidden. They happened to you when you came back and you had to control yourself (laughs). But hey, in the end you already have your head there that when you see your belly in the mirror when you shower … “.

Berni Rodríguez: “I am very sweet, I was and I am I have taken some excess, but I have good genetics and I have never tended to gain weight. But be careful, with a certain age then it weighed you a little”.

José Calderón: “My Christmases are now half in Spanish and half in English. First my parents start singing the typical Christmas carols and then my children go with English.”

José Calderón: “For me, in recent years playing at Christmas was normal. If it wasn’t at Christmas, it was the 23rd and 26th. In the end, you like to play better at Christmas, which are the important games, in a top team And it’s always pretty, but you take it for granted that you don’t stop. ”

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Alex Mumbrú: “I see Berni in Dazn, Calderón there with you in Carrusel and others … and it’s nice that we can continue to play basketball. In the end, I do it in another facet. Interview Pau Gasol for 45 minutes? That Only Calderón can do it, that’s why you’ve signed him. ”

¿Enrollment scenes?

The three paid tuition dinner in the Spanish basketball team. “I only paid at a seafood restaurant in Malaga,” recalls Calderón. “For what has been paid after it did not cost me much,” he has come to remember. Berni Rodríguez and Álex Mumbrú paid together. “There were four of us who paid,” they recall. Advice?

Berni Rodríguez: “You didn’t say that the one who made it to the national team always paid. It was important not to go either up or down. Being in the middle was the key. You couldn’t even say ‘hey, let’s see how much you’re going to ask for. ‘nor’ don’t worry, ask me to pay ‘. You had to be in the middle “.

Álex Mumbrú: “Felipe Reyes was the worst, he was capable of finishing dinner and ordering a Dom Perignon”.

José Calderón: “The problem is if you went once and did not return to the national team, but I think everyone would be willing to pay for that dinner to play for the national team.”

The Spanish team and dinners

At this dinner, Pacojó also asked about the intimacies of the daily dinners of the Spanish basketball team. Why did they eat fast?

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Alex Mumbrú: “Having a quick dinner makes sense. Imagine you’re at a table. It’s a buffet. Everyone eats what they want, but when it’s finished you have to wait for it to be refilled. Felipe Reyes in three minutes He has eaten. If you don’t hurry, you don’t eat. In the end, you have to have cruising speed or a 20-minute meal to be an hour. “

Berni Rodríguez: “It was key to get well and get off early. There were also times when you got up in a group, so you tend to go fast because you have to go with the rest.”

José Calderón: “There was something else here, you may have caught some of the dinners that we called the ‘paripé’. Apart from the subject of Felipe, there was still some dinner that was not mandatory, that when you finished you could leave, and perhaps we arrived already eaten “.


Which coach would you invite to a dinner party?

Calderón: “Well, I don’t know, Sam Mitchell.”

Berni Rodríguez: “Me with Aíto”.

Alex Mumbrú: “Aíto, Aíto”.

Which player should you buy a couple of drinks for dinner?

Alex Mumbrú: “Carlos Jiménez”.

Berni Rodríguez: “Yo a Calde”.

José Calderón: “I vote for myself.”

A mythical party.

Berni Rodríguez: “The one at the Olympiad was wild.”

Alex Mumbrú: “The one of the Games”.

Calderón: “That one and the one from Japan, which was at the hotel.”

The rest of the questionnaire, in the podcast of the program … Do not miss it!

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