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La Ventana de la Tele has brought together three winners in the Ondas 2021: Vicky Luengo, best female actor in fiction; Jordi Évole, best documentary; and Carles Porta, best radio program.

The winners combine three different genres within the television awards, the traditional television series, the documentary and a program that began on radio and, due to its success, was adapted to the small screen.

Best Radio Show: ‘Crims’

Carles Porta recovered the radio black chronicle with his program ‘Crims’ in 2018, making the leap to television two years later. For the journalist, ‘Crims’ deals with crimes with a more common focus in national journalism than in Spanish: “Respecting the investigation, respecting the trial, not making parallel trials and telling the story well told.”

“What we try to do,” he explains, “are good stories, and what gives a crime is great characters, a great plot, and you can make a good story, which is what the crime scene has always given.”

Best Documentary or Documentary Series: ‘That you give me’

For Jordi Évole, the program is too scary: “I see it and I know that I am going to have a bad time”. The journalist has been awarded for the documentary ‘That you give me’, in which he interviewed Pau Donés, singer of Jarabe de Palo who died last spring due to cancer.

This last talk, he explains, changed his life: “It changed me because I believe that I did not face life as it should be faced. Pau gave me a very different perspective on life ”.

The documentary was also released in theaters, where it amassed unprecedented success. “I loved sneaking into the movies and seeing that there were several moments when people laughed,” he recalls, “it was a difficult climate and environment for laughter, but there were four or five moments where people laughed a lot.”

Best Female Actor in Fiction: Vicky Luengo

The life of actress Vicky Luengo has also changed radically since her appearance in the series ‘Antidisturbios’, which in addition to giving her an Ondas Award has earned her a Fotogramas de Plata Award and several nominations.

“Riot control has undoubtedly changed my career, and I would tell you that life too, on a professional level a lot and the thing is that on a personal level too, I have very good friends from there and I have learned a lot”, he confesses, “I am very happy and very grateful, I’m a little overwhelmed even with this whole issue, really. “

We have been able to see the actress on screen in films such as ‘Barcelona, ​​winter night’ or ‘The laws of thermodynamics’, but this is the role that has launched her to stardom: “Professionally, she has placed me on a map that I Before I was not there, I have been working doing theater for 15 years, being an ant, very happy and very privileged, but it is true that doing a project like this is a lot of luck, that this comes to you and places you in a place where the people suddenly see you ”.

He shares the award with Álvaro Morte, Best Male Performance for ‘La Casa de Papel’. Here you can see all the winners of 2021, which are delivered this Tuesday in Barcelona.

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