John Lewis’ Christmas tree slammed as customers ‘speechless’ over one-use balloons


Described as the way “to make the ultimate show-stopping display” the festive tree comes with 114 one-use balloons for £25 – but John Lewis says it is 80% biodegradable

The balloon has been slammed by some customers
The balloon has been slammed by some customers

A novelty Christmas Tree made up of 108 balloons and on sale at John Lewis has been slammed by customers with many saying it is bad for the environment.

Described as the way “to make the ultimate show-stopping display” the tree kit comes with 22 gold, 21 white, 44 green and 21 red balloons as well as five inflatable candy cans and a foil star for the top.

It stands at 1.8m tall but its impressive specifications are not what has upset potential customers who are concerned by its impact on the environment.

The retailer shared news of the £25 festive product on its Instagram, but the item didn’t go down well with some of its 910k followers.

Many took to the comments to share their frustration, with people saying they were “speechless” and “gobsmacked” at the decorative tree.

Sharing the picture on social media on Sunday, John Lewis told its Instagram followers: “Looking for an alternative Christmas Tree this year?

The alternative tree went down like a lead balloon


“Our Ginger Ray Balloon tree is made up of over 100 balloons and contains everything you need to make this unique Christmas display.

“What do you think of this festive show stopper?”

One social media user replied: “Gobsmacked at you advertising this product … studies of latex balloons show that whilst latex is advertised as biodegradable the chemicals that are added to balloons to give them colour and able to be blown up etc mean they’re no longer environmentally friendly.

“Balloons are the most common item found in sea animals ‘ stomachs!

“One balloon from one of these “trees” will still be intact in 5 years time. Each tree has 105! Why are you selling these?”

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While another added: “Balloons should be made illegal. So bad for environment. Especially as this is single use I presume?”

And another said: “Speechless! More disposable rubbish to wreck the planet. I really hope you aren’t using helium to blow the balloons up as well.”

While one added: “How in such a large company did one single person not realise this was a bad idea?”

A John Lewis spokeswoman said: “Our Ginger Ray Novelty Balloon Christmas Tree provides a unique Christmas display, and an alternative to a traditional Christmas tree.

“While this product is 80% biodegradable, the Partnership is committed to our ambitious environmental targets, and we’re always looking at ways to do more to make our products more sustainable.”

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