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In the middle of the explosion of disco music, two comedians from nighttime and slutty television reached number 1 in the US selling three million copies of his first album, a live album that paid homage to the blues and crowned John Belushi as the man of the moment.

In 1978 Belushi, the son of Albanian immigrants who ran a restaurant in Chicago, was on top of the world. He was the star man of Saturday Night Live, he was the protagonist of Desmadre a la americana, the comedy of the moment, and his musical debut with the Blues Brothers had reached number 1 on the charts. Four years later he died of an overdose.

The emergence of the Blues Brothers was an unexpected anomaly. The band, which had been born as a television sketch, took another form when John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd They started recruiting legendary musicians, guys who’d recorded with Elvis or Otis Redding.

In 1978 Atlantic edited Briefcase Full of Blues, a live album that became an unexpected phenomenon driven by the television success of its protagonists. At that time, and at 29 years old, Belushi had the world at his feet and serious addiction problems that were seen on the set of the film that told the story of the imagined protagonists of his band.

The hasty death of Belushi a few years later put out the intense flame of this great comedian who ate the world by bites and who triumphed in everything he did, with 1978 as his most memorable year.

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This week we recover the story of Belushi and the Blues Brothers together with David Moreu and Lucía Taboada.

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The Power of Sam and Dave

There are albums in music that have an emotional charge beyond the songs. In 1967 Sam & Dave released one of those little miracles. Soul Man, the Sam and Dave album, is a special album, a work that combines the wild side of soul with the most breathtaking ballads and that has a political background from the troubled times experienced by the African-Americans portrayed in the anthem that gave the album its name.

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Howlin Wolf, the end of a fast-paced journey

In 1971 Howlin Wolf traveled to London to record a fascinating album that reached the end of the bluesman’s career and that captured all the magic of Wolf in the company of Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr or Charlie Watts.

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In music there are fascinating stories, magical tales of redemption and returns. There are sad lives and other exciting ones. That of John Lee Hooker, a musician from a blues tradition that has already disappeared, has all that and more.

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