Joe Rogan supports Spotify’s disclaimers and says he will “do his best to investigate issues” in the future

Joe Rogan has addressed the controversy surrounding two of his podcasts about COVID-19 vaccines on Spotify.

Last year, the 54-year-old podcaster interviewed widely discredited physician Robert Malone, who claimed on his show The Joe Rogan Experience that Americans were “hypnotized” into wearing masks and getting vaccinated.

Shortly after that, hundreds of scientists and medical professionals began asking Spotify to address Covid misinformation about Rogan’s controversial episodes on vaccines.

In recent weeks, musicians and celebrities including Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have joined those protests, with Young and Mitchell asking Spotify to remove their music from the platform because they don’t appreciate the music giant’s affiliation. the transmission with Rogan.

On Monday (January 31), Rogan, who is also a commentator for the UFC, finally responded to this controversy in a nearly 10-minute video.

The former television presenter began by saying that he wanted to make this video because he thinks that “a lot of people had a distorted perception of what I do.”

“[My] The podcast has been accused of spreading dangerous misinformation, specifically about two episodes,” he said. “One with Dr. Peter McCullough and one with Dr. Malone.”

Rogan defended both doctors indicating their credentials and gave a reason why he invited them to his program.

“Dr. McCullough is a cardiologist and the most published physician in his field in history,” said Rogan. “Dr. Malone holds nine patents on the creation of mRNA vaccine technology and he is at least partially responsible for the creation of the technology that he led to [creation of] mRNA vaccines.

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“These two people are very reputable, very smart, very accomplished people, and they have an opinion that is different from the main narrative. I wanted to hear what your opinion is,” she added.

Rogan went on to highlight why he has a problem with his episodes being labeled “dangerous” and spreading “misinformation.”

“Especially today, a lot of the things that we thought about misinformation a little while ago are now accepted as fact,” he said, before giving examples of how people used to get banned from certain social media platforms for stating things like “ Covid-19 came from a laboratory” – which is now making headlines news week.

(False images)

“All of those theories that were once banned were openly discussed by those two men that I had on my podcast, who have been accused of ‘dangerous misinformation,'” Rogan stated.

He went on to say “no” he knows if [the doctors are] correct, and states that he is just a “person who sits and talks to people and has conversations with them”.

On the subject of whether Rogan tries to do things wrong? He said: “Absolutely! But then I try to correct them.”

During his video, the commenter also said that he agrees with Spotify’s decision to add “disclaimers” at the beginning of controversial podcasts, especially those related to Covid.

Rogan also noted that he “has no hard feelings” towards Neil Young and Joni Mitchell, admitting that he actually loves their music.

“I don’t know what else I can do differently other than try harder to get people with different opinions to do it immediately afterwards,” he said.


Rogan also admitted that he will do his best to ensure that he “investigates these issues” thoroughly and has “all the pertinent facts in hand before discussing them.”

“I’m not trying to promote misinformation, I’m not trying to be controversial. I’ve never tried to do anything with this podcast other than talk to people and have interesting conversations.”

The podcaster ended his statement by promising that he will “try to balance these controversial views” from now on.

Yesterday, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced that the platform will put “a new effort[s] to combat disinformation, [and] It will arrive in countries around the world in the coming days.”

Spotify’s full statement can be read here.

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