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Atlético de Madrid fell against Sevilla last Saturday and took a step back from the fight for the league title in which the Seville team could stand as a serious candidate to compete against Real Madrid, current leaders. Faced with this situation, the ‘Free Bar’ of ‘SER Deportivos’, directed by Óscar Egido with the participation of Antonio Romero, Miguel Martín Talavera, Antón Meana, Lluis Flaquer and Fran Ronquillo, has debated whether this is the worst Atleti in remembrance since the arrival of ‘Cholo’ Simeone to the rojiblanco bench. In addition to the mood of the mattress team, they have also theorized about what happens to Joao Félix, a player who does not finish finding himself and returning to the starting eleven.

Is it the worst Atlético?

Miguel Martín Talavera: “When you chain three consecutive defeats, which is something that you have not done in 10 years with Simeone, it is clear that if it is not the most complicated moment, it is one of the most complicated. Also, when you get into this type of dynamics Nothing comes out anymore. The players look scared and with little faith, there is poor performance, bad decisions, everything comes together a bit. Honestly, the three defeats are very different. On Saturday they do not deserve to lose against Sevilla, the day of derby you have more chances than Madrid and it is not capable of not penalizing you every time they arrive, and on Mallorca day the same, they do not even tickle you and in the end you lose 1-2. This is not going to deserve, it will to achieve, and is not achieving what the current champion has to achieve “.

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Lluis Flaquer: “It is frustrating to see him 14 points behind Madrid when 17 league games have been played. One from Barcelona sees that Barça had very limited expectations and it is frustrating to be where they are, but no one expected Atlético. What hurts is that Barça is as it is. It hurts Barça to see that it is seventh in the league and is light years away from being able to compete with Madrid “.

What about Joao Félix?

Antón Meana: “They could play soccer better. And I think that the Joao Félix case is not sufficiently well explained. There must be something stronger than what they tell us, not only that he does not train at the level that Simeone wants. It is not normal that , a player with that talent and who shows it when he plays football, has no place in this team. It surprises me and the explanations do not convince me.

“I think he is not wrong coming to Atlético and they are not wrong bringing Joao Félix. He was a very promising young man, a lot of money was paid for him but I do believe that something more could be done for him. Correa or Carrasco, not because he is better but because they are different. Each player has their own way of being, if you’ve spent a lot of money on him, 127 kilos, then maybe you have to know that these people need special treatment. “

Miguel Martín Talavera: “In January there is no option for Joao Félix to leave. He has a lot of talent but when he has lost his place, instead of rebelling, when he comes out in the second half he does not do anything well and does not kill himself to return to eleven title beyond putting a chard face. If he is not at the level there are other colleagues who have overtaken him. That is what happens to him. He and his environment, which is very toxic, instead of telling him that he has to work and still he has not done anything in the world of football no matter how talented he is, instead they give you a pat on the back and tell you that you are the best and that the culprit of all your ills is the game system, the coach and the classmates who don’t pass it on to you … I think he’s wrong. “

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“The teammates get tired, the coach gets tired and everyone gets tired. The one who has to rebel and show that he is a figurine is Joao Félix. He would be wrong if you see that everyone has the problem except you. Maybe you have Than to look at your navel a little and think what is happening. He is not breaking it in Portugal who, risking his life, played 14 minutes. He will have some problem and it makes me angry because he is a huge player, he has everything to be A star has to stand up because he is very young and say that he has to be one of the best footballers, work hard and break his soul and he doesn’t. “

Lluis Flaquer, on Luis Suárez: “Luis Suárez’s first year at Atlético went well because of his desire to show Barça that he had been wrong. Now the seams are more visible. Those annoyances were already visible in Barça.”


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