Jimmy Savile’s chilling interview which exposed his guilt when he ‘ate a banana’

Jimmy Savile was a paedophile entertainer who managed to “hide in plain sight”, and had links to the Royal Family – and his actions are now being scrutinized in a new Netflix show

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Jimmy Savile’s horrifying guilt exposed by his ‘eating a banana’ in chilling interview

One of the most well-known men in Britain, Jimmy Savile appeared to be a jokey character who did a lot of work for charity.

But his ‘jokes’ were part of a cunning strategy that was disguised the truth – that he was one of the worst paedophiles alive.

He systematically molested and raped victims aged between five and 75 for more than 50 years – but the full scandal only emerged after his death in 2011.

More than 200 witnesses came forward and police opened up more than 400 investigations uncovering how Savile had used his showbusiness status for evil.

His ruse paid off – with Prince Charles confiding in him and asking for advice.

One documentary – Faking It: Jimmy Savile – examined his body language]and how he once gave away his shocking secret.

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Jimmy was disconcerted



While he was alive, Savile was dogged by rumors that he was a paedophile, and he used this to his advantage,

During an appearance on Have I Got News For You in 1999, he once pronounced: ‘I’m feared in every school girl in this country’.

Professor of Linguistics Dawn Archer says this was Savile’s way of hiding the truth. “

She explained: “He’s hiding in plain sight, the audience are thinking that this is all part of a showmanship and actually he’s telling us about things that are true – lots of girls at that point who would have been his victims were fearful of him. “

In one of the most revealing interviews, Savile was quizzed by TV presenter Andrew Neil when he appeared on Is This Your Life? where Neil tried to dig deeper.

Immediately, in an obvious bid to divert attention and halt the probing, he took out a banana and began eating it.

Body language expert Cliff Lansley said that this was Savile’s method of hiding from the truth.

Andrew Neil quizzed him on his behavior



He explained: “Why have a banana prepared in your pocket? Because he knew he would get some difficult phases in the interview, and therefore having some handy props would help him to counter that and get the audience engaged again.

Forensic Psychologist Kerry Daynes added: “He’s got the smoke and mirrors in place. I mean what a use of a banana in order to avoid questions about his sex life.

“Andrew Neil is a very well-respected interviewer but there’s a subtle pulling of rank there – as soon as the banana comes out, the question that he’s been asked leaves the mind of the audience.

“It’s a way of going, ‘look, look over there!’”

On the show, friends of Savile appear to give their own insights into his life – with one claiming he has ‘an eye for the ladies, young ones as well. And when I say young, I mean the proper age. 16 upwards.’

Another friend went even further, by openly naming a woman that Savile knew and the hotel where they had met.

Analyzing the paedophile’s reaction, Cliff Lansley explained the moment his own body betrays him.

He said: “Now, he’s a quick thinker, he’s a member of Mensa. He’s a smart character and he’s just had this surprise sprung on him.

“What we’ve just seen is a series of five rapid blinks. When we see a rapid blink rate, that shows that he’s thinking hard. Psychologists call this cognitive load.”

A review published in 2016 found Savile had sexually abused upwards of 72 people. Many argue that the true tally of Savile’s crimes exceeds well over 200. We may never know the true extent of his crimes.


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