‘Jekyll and Hyde’ thug tried to BLIND his ex so she couldn’t look at other men

A controlling thug who terrorized his ex-girlfriend ‘tried to blind her’ so she couldn’t look at other men during a ‘sadistic’ attack.

Aston Greenwood, 33, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after the mum in her 30s was left with serious injuries and permanent scarring around her eyes.

He smashed his way into her home in the middle of the night as she slept, a court heard.

Greenwood repeatedly hit her over the head with a guitar and a glass lamp, before using broken shards of glass as he ‘tried to blind her’ so she couldn’t look at other men.

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Just before police arrived and stopped him, Greenwood told his ex: “You didn’t think I’d come through your house to murder you, did you?”

The brutal attack was the culmination of five years of controlling behaviour, during which he ‘bullied, terrorised, belittled and isolated’ her.

During their on-off relationship, ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ Greenwood continually accused her of being unfaithful to him, but he was actually cheating on her.

When she dared to question him about his infidelity, Greenwood attacked her.

He criticized what she wore, calling her a ‘slag’ if he thought her outfit was too revealing, wouldn’t let her use Facebook or WhatsApp and didn’t allow her to socialize without him being present.

She lost count of the number of black eyes she suffered during repeated attacks, but was too scared to report Greenwood to police as he had threatened to kill her if she did.

Greenwood’s campaign of abuse culminated in a horrifying attack on her own home in Blackley.

In the weeks prior, Greenwood had been sending threatening text messages to her. The pair were not in a relationship at that time.

“The second I find out you are with someone you are dead…it will end with you in a body bag,” one chilling text read.

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“If you tell me you’re going to meet someone else…going forward…I’m just gonna come to your house and make sure you never see the next day never mind another person,” another read.

She was asleep at about 1.30am in June last year when she heard banging, and Greenwood shouting ‘open the f****** door’.

She told Greenwood to leave and called 999.

Moments later, he smashed the kitchen window open and forced his way into the house.

Greenwood launched a horrendous attack, punching and kicking her and repeatedly hitting her over the head with a guitar.

He smashed a glass lamp over her head, and used broken glass to cut her face and eye area.

“She believes, and I have no reason to disagree, that you were trying to blind her to stop her from looking at other men, such was your jealousy,” Judge Hilary Manley said.

Greenwood continued his ferocious attack, repeatedly punching and kicking her and then hitting her over the head with part of a TV wall bracket.

He stabbed her in the leg with a screwdriver before ‘ripping off’ her underwear and twice punching her to the genitals.

Greenwood also issued more chilling threats, saying he would slit her throat.

Shortly after the police arrived, and officers had to threaten Taser Greenwood before he complied.

“You perpetrated a sadistic, viciously brutal and terrifying attack on your ex-partner,” the judge told Greenwood.

“Your rage was all consuming and potentially deadly.”

The victim suffered ‘severe’ injuries to her face, including a fractured eye socket and cuts to her eyes.

“I have had CCTV installed outside my house due to the attack, and I am still fearful of when Aston will be released and what he will do,” she said.

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“I now have poor self-confidence regarding my appearance due to the scarring from the assault.

Aston Greenwood

“I have no confidence and I am struggling to try and get back to some form of normality in my life.”

The pair first met in 2013, and she described Greenwood as being a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character who could be generous and affectionate, but quickly became controlling.

He began asking where she was going, and demanding to know how many men worked with her.

“She attributed his jealousy to the fact that he was using dating sites such as Plenty of Fish to cheat on her,” prosecutor Neil Usher said.

Greenwood was convicted of assaulting her in 2013 after he punched her at a bus stop after they had attended Parklife festival.

She forgave him and believed it was a one-off, but the violence continued.

She became ‘so ground down’ that she put up with it, the court heard.

As well as repeated attacks, Greenwood controlled what she wore, refused to allow her to return to work and left her living ‘in fear’.

“You made her life hell,” the judge said.

“It is one of the worst examples of controlling and coercive behavior I have come across.”

Even from prison while awaiting sentence Greenwood was able to send her a card and flowers, in what the victim believed was a way of controlling her.

Defending, Paul Hodgkinson said that Greenwood has shown genuine remorse and recognized that he needs to change.

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While on command Greenwood helped a female prison officer who had been attacked, the court was told.

Mr Hodgkinson said it showed he can become a ‘force for positive thought and action’.

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Greenwood, of Lancaster Street, Oldham, pleaded guilty to wounding with intent, controlling or coercive behaviour, two counts of assault and making threats to kill.

He received a 20 year extended sentence, including 15 years in prison and an extra five years on license.

Greenwood will have to serve two-thirds of his 15 year prison sentence before he can be considered for parole.

An indefinite restraining order was also passed.

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