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The president of UPN, Javier Esparza, upon his arrival this Thursday at the plenary session of the Parliament of Navarra.
The president of UPN, Javier Esparza, upon his arrival this Thursday at the plenary session of the Parliament of Navarra.Villar Lopez (EFE)

The president of the Navarrese regionalist formation, UPN, Javier Esparza, has expressed this Thursday a “total and absolute respect” for the sanction proposal issued by the Guarantees and Discipline Committee of the formation for the two deputies who disobeyed the party in the vote on the labor reform last week ―Carlos García Adanero and Sergio Sayas― and that is much lighter than the sanction recommended by the management, which includes the expulsion of the two representatives from their ranks. Esparza has avoided confronting the two disobedient deputies and has demanded “respect” for his formation, in which he has said he feels “tremendously supported.”

The UPN Guarantees and Discipline Committee plans to suspend the two deputies who broke party discipline by voting against the labor reform in Congress for two and a half years. The affected deputies, who have already announced that they will present allegations, consider that the disciplinary body’s proposal is “nonsense” and “profoundly unfair” because they do not see it motivated or substantiated.

The classification of disobedience as a serious offense does not, as such, open the door to a possible expulsion. However, if the suspension of militancy is ratified for two and a half years, in practice it would lead to that expulsion —at least temporarily— since neither Sayas nor García Adanero could stand for election in the next election.

Esparza, who has attended the journalists upon their arrival at the Provincial Parliament for the weekly plenary session, has stressed that the procedure is “open” and has an “internal” character. “I have nothing else to say. I am not going to enter into any type of confrontation with either of the two deputies. I am the president of UPN, our party deserves respect and that is what I am going to do, it is the way to proceed”, he stated.

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The president of the Navarre formation has assured that he feels “tremendously supported” by the political formation as a whole, by its bodies, also by the affiliates and by the people. “UPN’s strength is in the people and I think we are showing that we are a very strong party and I think it is something very positive for this moment and for UPN in the future”, he stressed.

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Unión del Pueblo Navarro wanted to stage, with the support and vote in favor last Thursday of its two deputies in Congress for the new labor reform, “a gesture to redirect and rebuild” its battered relationship in recent years with the PSOE throughout Spain and with the Socialist Party of Navarra (PSN) in that community, according to sources from the leadership of all the parties involved. The move, which even had as a background a possible future rethinking of the current right-wing electoral platform Navarra Suma with PP and Ciudadanos, went wrong due to the change in the direction of the vote in extremis of its two parliamentarians. The error of the PP deputy, Alberto Casero, finally allowed the Government to save its labor reform project.


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