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The four musketeers who aspire this year to the Goya for best leading actor (Javier Bardem, for the good boss; Javier Gutierrez, for The daughter; Luis Tosar, for maixabel, and Eduard Fernandez, for Mediterranean) They have participated this Thursday in a fun debate at the Film Academy, in Madrid, between laughter, jokes and tacos, with a large young audience. Although between the four of them they have 13 Goya awards as performers, they agreed that opting for one more is once again something special. “It is an illusion to be nominated, that they give it to you, very good!; no, well you’re left sad”, Javier Bardem broke the ice, in an act presented by María Luisa Oliveira, coordinator of the Film Academy Foundation. The same sentiment was expressed by Eduard Fernández; Luis Tosar underlined that all the films selected for this category “go beyond the cinematographic” due to the issues they address, while Javier Gutiérrez modestly confessed that he felt a bit strange among those selected: “I am privileged to form part of this group. The solution, the envelope with the name of the winner, will arrive on Saturday, February 12 in Valencia, at the 36th edition of the Goya Awards.

Bardem (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 52 years old), with five goyas, plus another as a producer, is a candidate for the character of Julio Blanco, a businessman who owns Básculas Blanco. The interpreter mentioned the director of the film, Fernando León de Aranoa, “with whom you can try to do things, when I like to play it safer, and that is bad,” he admitted. All eyes are on Bardem, perhaps, for his great performance as a bossy guy, which helps that the film has 20 nominations, the record for these awards.

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Javier Gutiérrez (Luanco, Asturias, 51 years old) also referred to the director of the film for which he is a candidate, The daughter, by Manuel Martín Cuenca, who according to the interpreter is “one of the great directors of this country”. “He has left us actors in a good place and he has cut a lot from his film,” he said about a suspense novel oppressive around surrogate management. Gutierrez, who has two bobbleheads, is the manipulative husband of the woman played by Patricia López Arnaiz, with whom he decides to stay with the daughter who is going to give birth to a young woman with whom they have reached an agreement.

For Eduard Fernández (Barcelona, ​​57 years old), with three goyas, it was his first time with the director Marcel Barrena. In Mediterranean The foundation of the NGO Open Arms is told, when in the fall of 2015, Óscar Camps (played by Fernández) traveled to the Greek island of Lesbos, shocked by the photograph of the Kurdish boy Aylan, drowned on the shore of a Turkish beach. “Camps is a character who has been attacked a lot. When they proposed it to me I said to myself, let’s see if the film is going to be a pamphlet, but it was very interesting because it is a subject on which much has been misinformed”.

The character of an ETA

And Luis Tosar (Lugo, 50 years old), who has three goyas, also plays a real character, an ETA member, in maixabel, the drama by Icíar Bollaín that reconstructs the relationship between Maixabel Lasa, widow of the socialist politician Juan María Jáuregui, assassinated by ETA, and Ibon Etxezarreta, a member of the command who planned and executed his death. Tosar is the repentant terrorist who was waiting in the car for the two companions who entered a cafeteria to kill Jáuregui. “What is told in the film took place over many years and that is not easy. It was a luxury to receive this material, although at the same time strange because there were voices that questioned this being told, to see if you are going to whitewash the terrorists, they told us. When Maixabel’s initiative is something for the future”. The actor recalled from filming the scene where he was with Maixabel, played by Blanca Portillo, a moment in which reality went beyond fiction. “There was tension, nerves, among other reasons because many people on the set were touched by the subject.”

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All the culture that goes with you awaits you here.


Luis Tosar, Eduard Fern‡ndez, Javier Gutiérrez and Javier Bardem, at a moment of the debate at the Film Academy.
Luis Tosar, Eduard Fern‡ndez, Javier Gutiérrez and Javier Bardem, at a moment of the debate at the Film Academy.andrea commas

One of the questions raised in the colloquium was precisely whether giving life to non-real characters allows greater freedom of creation. “In my case, the inspiration came with the text by Fernando [León de Aranoa]”, added Bardem, who, however, also “looked at real characters who could resemble a popular, populist, talkative businessman, come on, King Juan Carlos!”, he joked. While Gutiérrez stated about his dark character that “some light had to be found for him so that he would not seem like such a son of a bitch.”

On film genres, Gutiérrez continued: “I consider myself a comedy actor, but good scripts don’t come, I miss costumbrista comedies and I’m not attracted to the ones that break the box office now.” Fernández, who hasn’t traveled that path much, assured that “it is the most difficult genre”, and agreed that “it is very difficult to find a good script”. For Tosar, comedy is often poorly represented at awards. “It doesn’t work out particularly well for me, but in recent years in this country we have turned comedy into a succession of jokes,” and praised León de Aranoa’s script in The good pattern: “There are several moments that freaked me out.” Bardem picked up the glove: “But what interested me in Fernando’s script was the drama, I didn’t see the comedy. Then he worked his magic, and watching the movie I was struck by his humor.”

In a one-hour debate, in which the four were wearing masks, it was inevitable to refer to the second year marked by covid and how it has affected filming. Fernández wanted to humor him referring to the PCR tests: “Why do they stick the stick in you twice? Could it be that you have covid in one nostril and not in another? They told me it’s just in case.” A situation that everyone has experienced and that Gutiérrez summed up: “It’s heroic to make movies like this, but at least we’re working.”


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