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Sànchez has stated that he never called for violence. For his part, Cuixart has defended compliance with the law. Lastly, Forn has denied having ordered obstacles to judicial decisions.


The former president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and elected deputy of Junts per Catalunya, Jordi Sànchez, declared this Thursday before the Supreme Court magistrate Pablo Llarena that never called for violence in the mobilizations in Catalonia and that he does not believe in unilateralism as a way to achieve independence, according to sources present in the declaration

Sànchez has begun to testify at 09:50 hours, and has done so during two hours and half to questions from prosecutors Fidel Cadena and Jaime Moreno and from the defenses, while he has refused to answer the questions asked by the lawyer for the popular prosecution exercised by Vox, according to the same sources.

Sánchez’s statement has focused on participation in the “siege” of the Ministry of Economy of the Generalitat that made it difficult to carry out a judicial search in this agency on September 20.

The former ANC leader has insisted that both he and Cuixart and the deputy and singer Lluis Llach they asked the concentrates to go home from a stage installed on site, but not on top of cars of the Civil Guard installed there.

Cuixart defends compliance with the law and his pacifist convictions

For his part, the president of Ómnium Cultural, Jordi Cuixart, has defended compliance with the law, according to sources present in the statement. In this way, Cuixart has declared that he has never breached judicial orders, has indicated that the Unilateral Declaration of Independence was symbolic and has defended his pacifist convictions. Cuixart has stated during an hour and a half before the magistrate.

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Cuixart has always spoken out against any violence, he has indicated that he is not political, nor does he want to participate in politics, and he has promised that he has never sought to coerce the State, but rather to let the opinion of the people be expressed.

The only valid referendum for independence will be the one called by the Government of Spain, it has assumed, before confessing that independence will not be achieved through the channels used so far.

For Cuixart, the objectives of the independence movement are now the agreement through legal channels, because otherwise than according to the law and the Constitution, it will not be possible to advance towards it.

Even so, he has considered that “the judicial proceedings before the Vice Presidency Council were an attack on democracy.” In any case, “at no time did anyone notify us that we were committing illegalities,” he concluded.

Forn denies having ordered the Mossos to hinder compliance with judicial decisions

Finally, the dismissed Minister of the Interior of the Generalitat, Joaquim Forn, has indicated to the magistrate that he has always defended a way of acting agreed with the State and abides by the Constitution, according to sources present in his statement, in which he nevertheless denied having ordered from his responsibility with the Mossos d’Escuadra to put obstacles to compliance with judicial decisions.

Forn has stated during a little over two hours and he has announced that he will not assume any director position in the future.

He has also pointed out that the way in which the agents of the State security forces travel to Catalonia, in reference to the episode in which citizens encouraged their departure with phrases such as ‘for them’, did not favor political solutions to the conflict.

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Regarding the declaration of independence, Forn recalled that he did not vote for it or sign it, and that he considers that it has no legal value, that the Constitution has always been recognized as the supreme legal norm of the State. His personal political action will always be respectful of her, he has had an impact before the judge, adding that to follow the ‘procés’ by the unilateral way he “would get off the train”.

Declaration at the request of the accused

The three defendants have asked to testify again before the magistrate Pablo Llarena to give their version of the events of which they are accused: rebellion, sedition and embezzlement of public funds. Forn, in jail since November 2, is accused of rebellion, embezzlement of public funds and sedition, while social leaders, who have been in prison since October 16, are only accused of the latter crime.

In the order of December 4, by which Llarena agreed to keep these investigated in prison, he made mention of the acts committed on September 20 before the Ministry of Economy of the Generalitat of Catalonia. The judge considered that there is no risk of flight, but yes appreciated risk of criminal repetition . In his view, “their contributions are directly linked to a violent explosion that, if repeated, leaves no room for correction or satisfaction for those who are affected by it.”

Accompanied before the Supreme

Representatives of the PDeCAT, ERC and Democrates have gathered before the doors of the Supreme Court to support the sovereign prisoners Joaquim Forn, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart.

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By the PDeCAT, have been the general coordinator of the party, Marta Pascal, and the deputies in Congress and the senators of the party, while Antoni Castellà has led the delegation of Democrats.

The delegation of ERC It has been headed by the deputy in the Congress Joan Tardà, which has also been joined by the also deputies Ester Capella, Teresa Jordà, Jordi Salvador, Joan Capdevila, Xavier Eritja and Joan Olòriz, and the senators Mirella Cortés, Bernat Picornell, Quim Ayats, Laura Castel, Josep Rufà, Elisenda Pérez and Anna Azamar.


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