Janey Godley’s new novel reaches best sellers list after Lorraine Kelly appearance

Janey Godley has shared her delight as her new novel Nothing Left Unsaid made it on to Amazon’s best sellers list on publication day.

Yesterday, the Scots comedian’s new novel was released and to celebrate it, she appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s show.

And following her appearance, Janey took to social media to say that her book was ranking number 14 on the Amazon best sellers list.

Highlighting its ranking to her followers, she wrote: “My book is NUMBER 14 in Amazon Best Seller list today !”

And fans were quick to congratulate her.

One wrote: “That’s brilliant Janey, really looking forward to reading it.”

Janey spoke to Lorraine on her show.

Another added: “Your book will be Number 1 soon. Congratulations and I can’t wait to read it soon.”

While one said: “Mine arrived today, will start reading it asap.”

Speaking on the ITV show yesterday, the comic opened up about the process of writing the book, and how it was quite difficult towards the end because of her diagnosis.

She said: “When I was doing the last edit, it was quite tough trying to focus on the fact I’m dealing with ovarian cancer – it was quite a clash, nothing really takes your mind of it at all.”

Fellow Scot Lorraine praised Janey for her strength and efforts, and revealed she loved the book herself.

She added: “I have belly laughed and felt very emotional.”

After Lorraine addressed the star’s honesty with fans about her fight against stage 3b cancer, Janey admitted sometimes it’s not easy to stay positive – but she’s determined to keep going.

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She said: “People meet me and say don’t worry you’ll be find and I’m like well you don’t know that – I have to accept that I might not be fine, I have my last therapy next week and then they will scan me and see if the chemo worked.

“I have to prepare for both options but at the same time I need to live my life as it is just now.”

Janey also said that raising awareness is “important” to her and she has had messages from women all over the world, thanking her for talking openly about her experience and helping them spot symptoms.

Nothing Left Unsaid is about a woman’s struggle with cancer but it was started before Janey received her diagnosis.

The story is set in Glasgow between 1976 and 2019 with a woman, Senga, asking her family to see her in hospital as she reaches the end of a battle with cancer.

She sends her eldest daughter Sharon to read her diary, determined to share a secret that she’s been holding on to for 40 years, and revealing the story of five women determined to survive against the odds.

The journey into her mother’s past is both shocking and surprising, forcing Sharon to re-evaluate her own childhood, her marriage and what she wants the future to hold.

Some, though happily not all of the art, spookily mirrors life in the book.

As well as attracting praise from Lorraine, Janey’s new book also went down well with Nigella Lawson.

The famous TV chef took to Twitter to say that it was so good, she finished it in two sittings.

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Sharing a picture on the social media platform, Nigella said: “Flying across Australia right now and read #NothingLeftUnsaid in two greedy stints. It’s a novel written with righteous rage and compassion. Thank you @JaneyGodley.”

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