Janey Godley’s fans and pals rally with ‘love’ as she admits she’s ‘overwhelmed’ by cancer battle

Friends and fans of Janey Godley have rallied for the star after she admitted she’s feeling “overwhelmed” by her ongoing fight against cancer.

At the end of last year, the 61-year-old was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and in January she underwent a hysterectomy.

After the surgery, she was told she would need to undergo further treatment as her cancer had progressed to stage 3b so the stand-up comic faced a grievous course of chemo, which she finished last week.

She’s been open with followers on social media throughout her health battle, and has admitted it’s had an impact on her mental health.

Today she gave fans on Twitter an insight into how she’s been feeling, and admitted she’s “scared”.

She said: “The constant fear of waking up in anxiety, the horrible knowledge that cancer will be a part of my life until I die now is overwhelming, I accept I must be brave but is bravery simply being alive and pushing down all the fears to get through the next hour? I’m scared.”

Janey’s post resonated with hundreds of followers, friends and fans, who she later thanked for their “love”.

Former EastEnders star Larry Lamb said: “You speak for everyone when you open up your heart like this Janey .. I send you love and admiration for your honesty and bravery xxLL.”

One fan added: “I remember when I went through chemo. T drugs really knock you about & make you feel so vulnerable. You lose your confidence and think you’ll never fully cope again. I’m 3 mths on now & feel stronger & more resilient than ever. Give it time. You’ll get your sparkle back.”

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One said: “You are not alone. You are loved. You are in a safe place to feel these feelings. We are here with you.”

Another pal, food writer activist Jack Monroe, even offered to provide Janey with some good old-fashioned home-cooked grub to help.

Jack started the thread by replying: “Oh Janey – you don’t have to be brave. You just have to be. Sending you lots of love dear friend – let me know if you need anything, anything at all.”

After Janey thanked her for her kind words, Jack replied asking if she could bring the comedian some food.

The budget cookery expert said: “I’m up your neck of the woods a few times in the next few weeks for work stuff, will DM you. More than happy to bring a pile of home cooked nourishing ready meals for you if it helps to bit.”

Janey declined her offer, saying she was getting plenty of tasty food served up by some of her favorite restaurants near her Glasgow home, but she invited the blogger up to sample their wares with her, and also to indulge in a very therapeutic past-time – clapping “wee dugs”.

She said: “Oh mate – let’s meet up – no need to bring food as @eusebi_deli and @MandirasKitchen have been kindly looking after me – let’s chat and eat pasta and clap wee dugs.”

Last week, Janey said that she and the Beatson cancer charity have been over the moon after fans helped her raise £42,000 for the cancer charity.

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Comedians including her daughter Ashley Storrie performed at the Soup Pot Tours at Glasgow’s Kings Theater on March 18 and 19 after she was forced to pull out because of her declining health.

Tickets alone raised £39,037.58, a collection raised an extra £2693.95 and merchandise share raised £1211.85.

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