Janey Godley accepts she ‘may be facing death’ after cancer battle ‘epiphany’


Janey Godley says she has accepted that she “may be facing death.”

The Scots star, 61, shared a heartbreakingly honest update on her cancer battle with fans today.

She admitted she had been “resisting” the fact she has a “life threatening” condition until a recent epiphany that it’s something she has “no control over”.

At the end of last year, the comic revealed that she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Janey underwent a hysterectomy in January but was told that her cancer was stage three – meaning it spread beyond her ovaries and required further treatment.

Stage 3b is defined as cancer growths 2cm or smaller in size on the lining of the abdomen and there may also be cancer in the lymph nodes.

Janey has undergone three rounds of chemo so far and has been updating her loyal followers on her journey on social media.

Opening up on her Facebook page earlier this morning, Janey shared a picture of her and her little dog Honey, and penned: “I think I’ve had an epiphany, I have been resisting the fact I have a life threatening cancer, I have tried to “fight and be strong” instead of accepting that this whole year I just may be facing death or survival of something I have no real control over.

Janey’s post

She added:”I appreciate all the amazing support and I believe my mental health will improve if I just lean into the fact that this cancer is happening- I am not alone, millions of people survive this disease and living with it isn’t a failure – maybe I don’t have to fight everything that happens to me and trust the science?”

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Many of Janey’s fans rallied round her and offered their support.

One wrote: “It’s hard trying to be positive when you have no control over your body’s actions. Stay strong, stay brave, but have a ‘day off’ occasionally and let the world carry on around you, you can’t be strong and brave all the time, because you need strength to be yourself, too!”

Another wrote: “Bless you Janey It’s hard to literally put your life in the hands of the medical team, especially when you are used to fighting and coping for yourself. But it’s what you have to do for now. Just go with it and let they help make the decisions that are best for you.”

While one said: “You have a great attitude towards it Janey, keep going one day at a time. You’ve acknowledged it and totally aware of keeping your mental health healthy, which is half the battle.”

And one added: “Accepting our current positions is enormously difficult to do – well done on an amazing step forward. Remember to always be kind to yourself.”

Janey has been honest throughout her cancer journey and has admitted that at times she has found it extremely tough mentally and physically.

Speaking previously during a video recording with her daughter Ashley, Janey said: “My soul’s already f*****g broke I think. And people have been so supportive, and I feel as though I’m letting everybody doon because I’ ve got aw this love and aw this support, other people don’t have this love and support and I’m getting it and I’m still not being lifted, so maybe I’m an ungrateful b*****d.

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For cancer information, support, or just someone to talk to click here.


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